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I just got kicked out of my suboxone doctor and I need advice/help. I am so scared.
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    Unhappy I just got kicked out of my suboxone doctor and I need advice/help. I am so scared.

    Hi guys! I found this forum by looking up ways to get off suboxone and you guys seem very nice and helpful here by what I read in this forum so far. (I have been reading it for about an hour now).

    First off, I want to tell you a little about myself. I am a 30 year old female who was on methadone for 11 years and let me tell you, the withdrawals was HORRIBLE. I prayed to God that I would die because I couldn't take it anymore. Not only the physical w/d's(after two months, I could barely pull myself out of the bathtub), but the mental. My brain was so messed up and I had brain fog and thought some crazy thoughts that I would have NEVER thought. I was on 150 milligrams and went down to 105 milligrams. after five years of being on it and quit on 60 milligrams cold turkey because I could no longer afford it after getting laid off(it was over $550 a month and about $50 in gas because I had to drive two hours two times a month.)

    So after two months of being off methadone and couldn't function, I found a suboxone doctor after being on a waiting list for two months. I have been on it for 11 months and got kicked out two days ago due to new rule changes that we knew NOTHING about. I have to go to the doctor once a week, group once a week, and 4 NA meetings a week. Well, for 11 months, I passed every drug test(besides one for alcohol because I drunk one time and figured I would pass it after 2 days, but they give the etg test that stays in your system for 80 hours if you drink), but that was no biggie. They just told me not to drink again.

    I got kicked out because my son had a fever of 104.9 degrees and I took him to the doctor and faxed my excuse over there. Well, the rules changed and we knew nothing about it because they just updated us in new rule changes. After faxing my excuse, I called over there at 3:50 pm and they told me if I wasn't there by 4 pm, that I would be discharged because I didn't take my weekly urine test and I couldn't come in the next day. Now, I was over 1 1/2 away just left the hospital. So, now I am sitting here discharged because I didn't know they changed the rules.

    I haven't taken not one pill since I got on methadone at the age of 18(worse mistake ever). I have passed ALL of my drug tests besides that one for alcohol in the last 12 years. Two weeks ago, I tried to lower myself(on my own) and went from two .8 mg. strips to one a day. So, I have about 12 left from those weeks and I just got a prescription(the day I got discharged) for 14 of them. So, I have about 25 .8 milligram strips right now.

    PLEASE HELP ME!! Now, I need advice on how to get off of suboxone only have 25 strips. What would be the best way to do it? Do you guys have any stories to tell me how you got off it or if you knew someone? I hope this won't be as bad as methadone to get off of because I think I would rather die. My boyfriend of six years has NEVER taken a pill and has no clue what I will be going through. He keeps telling me that I can do this and sometimes I think I can, and then my head thinks there is no way I can do this. Please help me. I have a 3 year old son and a 11 year old son(that plays sports and I am very involved in everything) to take care of, working a part time job, college to graduate, I just got a new German Shepherd puppy, and I am scared to death.

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    welcome to the forum. i'm gonna give u the link to the sub therapy plan that most of us have used here. it works great if u stick close to it. what u want to do is get stable on each dose for about 4 days and then reduce that dose by 25% and keep repeating.

    u have plenty of subs right now. i haven't figured out yet if u have enough to finish the taper, but it would seem like u do. read the plan over carefully. it explains everything and is easy to read. it's long, but definitely worth the time it takes to go over it. here's the link......

    post back any questions u may have. u will recieve lots of support here. several members have excellent knowledge of subs. used them myself and this plan. now clean and enjoying life to the fullest.

    glad u joined and look forward to speaking to u soon.

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