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I need help with my suboxone dosing.
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    Default I need help with my suboxone dosing.

    I usually wake up first thing in the morning, take my 1 8mg suboxone. Now I know that suboxone has a 36 hour half life or something like that. My question is that by the end of they day, usually around 4pm or 5pm I start feeling like ????. My legs start to cramp I get cold chills etc.. It's like the beginning signs of W/D. I feel like I should be taking more Suboxone. If I were to ask my Dr. to increase my dose, would that be wise? Is there anything else I could do to help with the symptoms I'm getting later in the day? Any replies are appreciated. I prefer only educated responses as I am pretty educated myself in the opiate field. I have been using for the better part of my life. Thanks.

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    Hey there, I posted a reply on your other thread.


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    It sounds like you do need to up the dose coz that sounds like the onset of withdrawals

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