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Just switched from Methadone-to-Suboxone
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert_325 View Post
    I work here with subs all the time and have for years. How long have you been using it? Give me a little history if you would like me to help you do this right. God bless.
    I have a question for you. I am 35 and been using for 18 years off and on. I was at 180 mg of methadone for the past 3 years and went to dose every other day for two weeks and then I did an amazing body flush that seemed to help with the wd. After around 110 after my last dose things got intense withdrawal wise so I then went nuts trying to score myself with all honesty without my mind playing any tricks for the mind is so powerful I have learned. Anyway, I did the induction slowly for I didn't want things to go bad for my kids dad was at Disney with the kids while mom tried pulling herself together. So 2- 4mg every hour.... Almost all day. It was crazy. I am trying to consider I was on a high dose and even forced to stay on it pregnant. But it's day 5 and I feel I am having to take too much to feel ok. 7 years ago I was on subs for almost 2 yeasts and clean for 2 years but pain management was very psychology messing with me and I screwed up.. At that time I did take 1 tablet a day at 8mg and now with strips this first week I am at ceiling dose? I am praying I will be able to drop it significantly fast and try to consider how long I have been screwing up for. I pray my body is just in need of excercise and good food. I drank 2 cases of ensure and 8 protein drinks and vitamins during detox cause I know the importance. Trying to give you my history for I know your not a Dr but I am ok with personal experience. If I listened to the Dr my 3 page MRI that I don't even have a lot of pain would have me in trouble.... Ty

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    This is a very old thread..
    Our beloved Robert passed away a few years ago
    But many of us have stayed around to spread the message..

    If you could tell me
    What is your dose now?
    When was the last time you dosed?
    How long have you been on this dose?

    If you could start a new thread on you will gets lots of support..
    There are many of us that have been where you are..
    I will check back to get your answers..

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    I am also going through this chchcheryl. Exactly what you are saying. I was on methadone for 12 years and I'm now on 2 mg of Suboxone and if I'm sitting for too long I just want to fall asleep. I feel constantly exhausted. I've only been on the Suboxone for about a month-and-a-half now. I've been doing research to see if this is because of finally getting off of the methadone and it was relieving to find your message because you seem to be feeling exactly like me. It's not like a nodding tired. It's a different kind of tired. I hope it wears off.

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    Hello folks. New here on an older thread but wish to share that I'm on my first day without methadone on day 7 of a fairly new procedure called the Bernese Method (2016).
    It's basically microdosing suboxone into one's system whilst on opiates in hopes of eliminating relapse. Started 7 days ago with 1/4 mg Suboxone + 20mg methadone. Kind of a rocky start for me as I'd been self medicating on 35 mg methadone and the doc would only prescribe 20 (I'm guessing that perhaps there's not a lot of cases of meth to sub with Bernese? ) ..Anywho, that drop was shaky but it MUST be working somewhat or I'd be feeling a lot worse!
    Glad I signed up after reading this thread as I'll be talking with doc about "less is better."
    It has been encouraging to read these success stories, and given the dates, I'll go as far to suggest they were successful departures from thine evil opiatus!
    As for anyone new or still trying, take the link above and tape it to your doctor's forehead!
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