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Left Temple Swollen and Painful
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    Default Left Temple Swollen and Painful

    I do not want to be paranoid, but I am wondering if anyone else has ever experienced a persistent swollen temple along with a general headache. I jumped off of suboxone after abusing hydros for years. I haven't used anything in over three months. I have had constant head pain towards my neck since I stopped taking the suboxone, however, it is not as pronounced as it was when I first stopped. I have been attributing it to stress and not sleeping well or correctly. Now about a week ago I noticed a soreness in my left temple area. There is definately a defined "lump" there that is sore and tender to the touch. I thought maybe I had hit it and didn't realize it, so I have been monitoring it. It has become worse so I do not believe I did anything to it to cause this symptom. I got on line and googled temple pain and of coarse noone had anything specific to say except have it checked out. I have no medical insurance so I'm just looking for similar experiences before I raise the red flags.

    Otherwise I am doing ok taking one day at a time...focusing on recovery and my business which is starting to get better. R and M hope all is well...

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    Default Swollen and sore temple

    I just got on here after I googled sore and swollen left temple and I found all of the posts from different people that had what sounds alot like what I have right now.

    I know these were posted a couple yrs ago so I doubt I will be able to get answersfromthe people that posted about the temple pain but I figured maybe I will get an answer from someone that has delt with this.

    It started a few days ago I noticed my left temple was sore to touch and even to lay on. I did nothing to cause it it just started feeling sore ans it feels a little swollen to me but it is not swollen much if at all I may be paranoid thinking it is swollen im not sure. The day after this started I noticed my neck was hurting and I could hardly turn my head I had to turn my body because it hurt too bad and again I did nothing to cause it. It has not got any better since it started either. It is mostly the right side of my neck but it hurts all the way around the back and even down to my right shoulder. Im not sure the two are related it just feels like they are to me and I have had a dull headache mostly on the left side since I noticed my temple being sore however I usually have a headach anyway. I have been getting headaches almost daily for over five yrs and I get migranes alot too. I am use to the headache just not use to this temple thing and neck thing. I know I should see a Dr but I do not have insurance and just cant afford to go if I can avoud it so I am trying to see if anyone of the people that posted comments about this have been able to since find out exactly what it is and what I need to do about it before I go to the Dr.

    If anyone has any answers I would appreciate hearing them... Thanks!
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