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Lexapro for Premature Ejaculation
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    Default Lexapro for Premature Ejaculation


    My urologist recommended and prescribed me 10mg of Lexapro. I tried Paxil (40 mg) for this a few years ago, with no luck. Just a lot of weight gain and a bad experience!

    I've never suffered from depression or anything like that. I take Straterra for adhd and low dose of Lamitical for a mood stabilizer (to keep me from being moody), which has been a god send!!

    I'm a big guy 6'2" 240, very athletic, in good/great shape and exercise daily.

    Is it worth it to go on this low dose of Lexapro for premature ejaculation?
    Is Lexapro safe?

    Me being a big guy, taking a low dose and exercising daily, will I still gain weight?

    I've suffered from PME my whole life and would love to fix this problem, especially for my wife

    Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated!


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    Hello Jeff,

    I know touchy subject. Lexapro may or may not help. I suspect that your urologist really doesn't know the answer and is giving you this medication as a "lets try and see" experiment. Too much and it can take away your sex drive and all SSRI's can cause impotence. I think what your urologist is looking at is the fact that the use of Lexapro can make it difficult to achieve orgasm but rather than resorting to a sort of band aide trial type of fix have you considered therapy? I am not trying to be funny and am very serious about this. PME can be a condition of depression and many things but by just taking an antidepressant that does not eliminate the root cause of the issue which would still need to be addressed. PME conditions can be improved by psychological therapy along with physical techniques that you and your wife would be taught in methods to prolong ejaculation. Each time the length of time is increased there by so called re-training your system to respond accordingly. You might want to check with your mental health provider rather than a urologist as their main concern is the health of the renal system and related issues. A mental health provider would be beneficial in regards to mindset and can also refer you to a sex therapist and they are the ones that can show the both of you on techniques, exercises and conditions that will improve this condition.
    Best wishes to you. Hopefully others will chime in.


    PS: One thing to keep in mind. Medications are usually a temporary fix and if the condtion can be improved upon naturally you would be much better off long term health wise as well.

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