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    Dear joe boo 81,
    You sound sincere in your situation. I am on two diffrent strong doses of Oxcontin, one I take 3x daily, the other dose i take 2x daily.
    My concern for you is this; it is so illegal to "sell" your medications[:0]....I am not in any way judging you, I sympathize with your financial situation. I am disabled and I don't draw enough to pay all my bills. I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend thst pays for the bills I can not. Please be extremely careful "online" as I said, you sound sincere, but I would hate to hear that you've found trouble while just trying to get a little help. Again, I am not judging, and if you'd like to talk to someone who has lost a son to a sensless murder, someone who lives with severe pain everyday, and whom has panic attacks, nightmares, you will find that I am a good listener. My son's killer has never been caught, and after10 years I still am a tourtured soul. Good luck with your health issues. I hope you start to feel better.
    Sincerely, Kathy Email:

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