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Long Term Successful Low Dose Methadone Usage for Chronic Pain
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    Default Long Term Successful Low Dose Methadone Usage for Chronic Pain

    I was injured in a car accident 25 years ago, which left me in chronic pain. For 11 long years, I suffered in severe excruciating pain 24/7 (mostly back and pelvic pain). I couldn't sit for more than a few minutes without being in agony. Working a job was impossible. I saw countless doctors, underwent all sorts of procedures, and tried a laundry list of medications, but nothing provided any lasting relief. I had NO LIFE and much of my day centered around being in pain and trying to minimize it in any way possible. I had gone from being an energetic outgoing high achiever to a person who was predominantly home bound and suffering 24 hours a day. Then finally after 11 long years of trying EVERYTHING, a doctor prescribed Methadone.

    The purpose of this post is not only to say that Methadone has been the ONLY THING that has ever worked to lesson my chronic pain, but more importantly is to share the dosage. I have read a lot of posts on this site of people taking much higher dosages than I do, and I wanted to let people know that I have had tremendous success on what might be considered a "low" dosage. I have been taking 15 mg. twice a day for a total of 30 mg. daily for almost 14 years. The highest dosage I was ever on was 20 mg. twice a day, but I noticed that there was no difference than what I felt on 15 mg. twice a day, so my doctor advised me to stay on the lower dosage.

    Other than being given Percocet in a hospital setting, Methadone has been the only thing that has ever helped with my pain. Am I pain free? No. I still have about 5-6 days a month where I am still in a lot of agony...but I also have 25 days a month where it is not as bad as it used to be. That is a huge improvement from feeling completely miserable every day. I can now go out to a restaurant, sit through a movie, and even sleep through the night without being woken by the pain. Up until the Methadone was prescribed, the only drug that had ever helped with the pain had been Percocet, which was given to me in the hospital after childbirth. While most women complain of childbirth pain, while on Percocet, those couple of days in the hospital were the best my back pain had been in years. Years ago, no doctor was willing to prescribe me Percocet outside of a hospital setting. I was lucky that someone finally prescribed me Methadone. However, I wish it had been prescribed much sooner so that I didn't have to spend 11 long years suffering in indescribable agony.

    It took me about a week to notice that the Methadone was actually helping. You have to give it some time until you are at the proper therapeutic dosage in order to evaluate its possible benefit.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share that I am managing the pain pretty well by taking only 15 mg. twice a day. I did want to encourage anyone in a similar situation that it is possible to get relief even on a lower dosage. The only side effect I experience worth mentioning is the profuse sweating. At times, the sweat will be dripping down my face. It is not uncommon for me to have to change my shirt several times a day because my chest sweats profusely due to the Methadone. I am talking about very large sweat stains that can appear in a matter of minutes. But if it comes down to the choice between sweating profusely or being in excruciating pain, it is pretty much a no-brainer for me.
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    Thank you for sharing your story. You are one of the lucky ones if you have not developed a tolerance and your low dose is still effective.

    You are using them correctly, that is, you do not expect to be 100% pain free. That is not the goal of long term opiate therapy. The goal is to give you back as much functionality and quality of life as possible, by lessening your pain to manageable levels. It sounds like this is exactly what you have achieved.

    There are side effects as you have mentioned, the sweats is one. But for any medication you have to balance the pros and cons, and in your case, the good is outweighing the bad. Best wishes for continued good quality of life.

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    Thank you for sharing your experience. You're very fortunate to have methadone work for you in that low dosage. Unfortunately it can't be like that in other cases. It depends on a person's tolerance and sometimes preference. However reading about your story makes me think, that's the ideal way of using methadone, you're not overdosing and not depending on the drug, that's healthier.

    You mentioned the profuse sweating side effect, that's pretty much normal whatever dosage one takes. Just continuously re-hydrate. Anyway thanks again for sharing your story and the next time someone asks me for the right amount of dosage for methadone I'll gladly show them your story. Have a nice day.

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    Hey Puppy! I take 5mg 3 times daily, and it is amazing! I sure wish the pain doc would have started me at 15mg 2X daily, but I guess he had his reasons. I am going to phys therapy like he asked me to, and hope to get a dose adjustment at some point. I have spondylosis in my neck and it is quite debilitating, although I do work. In my job I can mostly rest (in home caretaking). Loooove my low dose methadone I noticed crazy sweats in the summer,lol. Do you use cannabis like I do? It can really get my mood to a happy state.

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    Hey people , I hope someone responds because I'm at a crossroads with my life full of chronic intractable pain for the past 23 years. I also found methadone helps better than any other medication. I've taken in now for 18 years and 30 mgs a day is the best dose for me , 10 mgs 3 x a day. But things have spiraled out of control and I can't keep a doctor for more than 2 months. My last doctor let me go last Monday 1-11- 2016 because the nurse said my urine specimen was cold. That's just not true I would never put my pain treatment at risk , I gave a second urine specimen and she said it was cold also. I've suffered way too long with chronic intractable pain in my cervical spine from a rollover car accident I had when 23 years old , the roof collapsed compressing my cervical spine but the pain didn't start till I turned 45 , soon I will be 60. I've been sick succumbing to the pain that never ends.
    If I don't find a doctor soon , I fear what the future holds. I've been treated like a addict and all I want is my life back . Can anyone tell me what to do, who can help , I've called all doctors I know to call to no avail. I've called Medicare asking for help , I can't function like this and shouldn't be left to suffer . This is the first time for me to post on this website . I hope it's not the last. I'm happy other pain sufferers here are getting help , be careful don't lose your doctor.
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