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Manic depression, Bipolar disorder.
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    Default Manic depression, Bipolar disorder.

    Hi everybody,

    I was wondering if anybody who suffers from this illness and takes seroquel, and suffers from sudden or violent jerking of limbs. And if so, what did you do to help this? Were you prescribed medications on or off-license for this? Aka, Sodium Valprate.

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    I suffer from manic depression, anxiety, and bipolar also. I just started 2 meds little over a week ago. I'm on Lamictal and Zoloft. I'm new to this site and have been searching and searching for a forum with someone that's on the same meds as me to see how they interacted, side affects, and if they worked or not. Maybe you should talk to your Dr about these 2 meds. Lamictal is a "mood stabalizer" and Zoloft, I'm sure you know, is an antidepressant.
    As far as your saroquel question, I had a friend who gave it a shot (for bipolar) for a couple months and felt no difference. And another who tried it (for sleeping med) and it worked good for her. How they use the same med for bipolar during the day, and make you pass out and sleep through the night is beyond me lol. Have you found any other posts on here that have been any help?

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    Yes I have a friend who was prescribed with seroquel for his bipolar disorder, he also suffered from that sudden jerk, uncontrollable muscle movements whenever he takes up the medication. He consulted his doctor and his dosage was reduced significantly, after that he no longer suffered from the muscle movements. We concluded that the jerking of muscles is an side-effect for large amounts or high dosages. I suggest you consult your clinician and tell him the effects of the meds on you. I hope this helps.

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