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methadone life in body
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    Default methadone life in body

    i have been on oxycodone for years but on 4/8/2011 i took 40 miligrams of methadone and was wondering if that would show in a drug test today the only reason i took it is my dumb azz friend told me it was codone but i have to go to doc soon to get my rx filled so if they give me drug test will it show any answers are appreciated thanks in advance i gota watch what i put in my mouth it was stupid for me to listen thanks all i take alot of codone at least 300 400 miligrams a day so will that cover up the methadone ???

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    The length of time any drug (illicit or prescribed) stays in your system will vary. In large part, it depends on your physiological makeup (e.g., your physical height, weight, your amount of body fat, your age, current state of health, whether or not you exercise mildly-aggressively-or at all). Whether or not you are undergoing any degree of stress (i.e., your "state of mind") at the time you ingest drugs can play a part as well.

    Still other considerations include your "frequency" of use (1x per day? 3-5x per day?), the "quantity" of drug you used each time, and the "length of time" (days? weeks? months?) of your consistent drug-use prior to your drug test. Even the quality ("potency") of the drug you ingest determines "how long" the drug is detectable in your system when your urine is analyzed (tested) at the lab.

    However, for most people, detectable levels (i.e., shows up as a "positive" in a laboratory drug test) of the following drugs stay in the body for these approximate periods of time.

    Methadone, 1-7 days.

    As you can see. it varies widely. Methadone is not a drug you want to play around with and can be extremely hard to get off of. If you have a legitimate medical need for the oxycodone, I would stick to your doctor's orders. Taking other opiates is addict behavior. I would be extremely careful with that. Good luck and hope this helps.

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    Default ok

    thanks dose anybody else have any opinions i would appreciate it thanks

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