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Mitochondrial Myopathy and other Mitochondrial Diseases
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    Question Mitochondrial Myopathy and other Mitochondrial Diseases

    I was just diagnosed with Mitochondrial Myopathy which I've been doing some research mostly through the NIH so the information isn't biased by sales hype, and oh my goodness the massive amount of information is way too much for me to absorb! I thought by opening a thread about mitochondrial diseases we who are affected might be able to share helpful information. In my case the diagnosis was based on my very limited endurance, severe muscle fatigue, exercise intolerance and several stroke-like episodes. It might be a version of mitochondrial disease called MELAS (mitochondrial encephalitic lactic acid stroke-like episodes). I've had many of these problems most of my life but it gets worse with age - and even in healthy people the mitochondria in the 70s are 50% of those in the 20s. . (I'm 73, female.) Apparently there is no "cure" for mitochondrial diseases but I'm researching some natural supplements that might be able to help slow down its progress or maybe even reverse some of the damage. A couple that keep coming up are coq10 and riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) but several others seem to have some promise. I'd sure be interested in learning how others are managing their mitochondrial issues and any natural supplements that you have been using to combat your mitochondrial disease.

    Thanks for "listening"

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    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. There's not that much traffic on this forum and you might not get any responses from others with that exact condition.

    I think the CoQ10 and vitamin B-2 can't hurt and might help. Hopefully at your age the course of this disease will be milder than those who get it in infancy and youth? I wish the best for you.

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