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My experience
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    Default My experience

    I was prescribed vicodine and norco for two years. I had broken my foot and wearing the brace caused back and neck problems. This lead to more pain and it was discovered I had two bulging disks pinching a nerve in my cervical spine, a degenerative condition in my neck, arthritis in my neck and that the spaces between the vertabrete in my cervical spine were more narrow than normal. I refused to take oxicontine despite it being recommended by two doctors.
    Eventually I started having some very minor problems with my liver and I did not want to take these pills any longer so I decided that I was going to stop. It was not pleasant but I spoke with many doctors, and put together a plan and collected a great deal of information to make the process as bearable as possible and I wanted to share this and offer this to anyone who may find it useful. Things you will need: Immodium, Benadryl, regular Tylenol, Epsom salt, potassium and vitamin D supplements, a multi vitamin and B12 supplement, a lot of water and gatoraid, ice cream, milk or any type of meal replacement shake.

    1) First try and schedule the detox over a span of four days where you do not have to work.

    2) Try to cut down if you are taking ten pills a day and have 12 left take 8 the next day and then 4 the next so you can essentially begin the withdraw in a way that is not as painful and uncomfortable.

    3) You should have ice cream and milk in your house or ensure or carnation instant breakfast. My experience is the withdraw process kills your appetite and not eating makes it worse. Milk and protein shakes will atleast get calories in you when you need them and do not have much of an appetite.

    4) I spoke with a Dr. about this and he agreed that taking a few normal Tylenol is good as atleast your body will be getting something it is used to and cuts down slightly on the pain and discomfort of it all.

    5) Immodium is a must to keep your bowels somewhat in check. A potassium supplement, bananas, B12, a multi vitamin and Vitamin (to help you sleep) also help, especially with restless leg syndrome. Benadryl is often recommended- I agree but for some this makes the restless syndrome worse so keep that in mind. If you take Benadryl and it is really bad maybe try not taking it to see if you are one of these people.

    6) Most doctors will prescribe a medication to help you sleep. I say try and avoid anything narcotic as the point is to get off the pills.

    7) In most detox centers you will be prescribed a benzodiazepine, such as valium, Xanax or a muscle relaxer. Most doctors will prescribe this in this situation as well but I say do not do it. These drugs are the most commonly abused drugs- many doctors have a saying “what is the difference between true love and benzos? You can get over true love. If you are going to be miserable and in pain make it be for a reason- not just to switch drugs which you become dependent upon.

    8) A hot soak in Epsom salt helps.

    9) Think about who you were before you started taking these medications and think of how great it will be to be the real you again.

    Finally if you are in a state where medical marijuana is legal then get a prescription. This will essentially keep you from really feeling any of the pain and discomfort, will help with the pain which is why you took the pills and you wont become dependent on it. For most the reason you have the pills is to help with pain and to allow you to function. If the pain is not going away then marijuana will take care of it and you will not have a life that is dictated by the use and need for these pills.
    The detox process is different for all, I did not really feel much better until day 8 but do feel much better, I am happy that I no longer use this medication and feel like myself again.
    Good luck.

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    How long have you been clean for now?

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