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My husband needs help..
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    Unhappy My husband needs help..

    Me and my husband have been married for 15 months, 9 months ago I found out he has been shooting up his prescription morphine pills. We have a 18 month old son together and my husband has been leaving his syringes lying around with morphine still in them. I have threatened to leave twice, but its our marriage on the line. He keeps saying he wants help, and he wants to get off them, but he never does. When I question what hes doing in his garage, he gets all defensive and tells me that we have no marriage without trust. I am at my wits end, im sick of crying, sick or arguing, sick of being made to feel like ????. Do I stay and help, or take our son and leave?

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    Exclamation Leave today.

    Get your son out of there!! A curious toddler will DIE if he fools with Daddy's morphine syringes. You don't have a marriage to save until your husband is clean. Your responsibility is to your son--he's helpless and dependent on YOU. Leave today.

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    I've been through this with my ex husband; he was a >>>>>> addict at one time before we met but was still using anything he could get his hands on to get high.
    Best advice I can give you is put it out on the table: he either gets help or loses his wife and child. The longer you put up with it the worse he will get; I am physically addicted to oxycodone myself but am disabled due to a car accident and have no choice but to take these damn things. I even got off them by myself with no professional help twice but the pain from the accident was WORSE than the withdrawals. I never did any kind of shooting up drugs and thank God every day that I didn't.
    Your husband will need to be in a good rehab facility without a doubt. You cannot put yourself through nursing him through the withdrawals as he may even get violent (I have seen this before/ex husband).
    Good luck and be strong!!!
    - Anna

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