Help if anyone in the UP of Mich. knows any MD who is willing to take on Dr. Robertson's patients. I have been on a schedule of medications for pain, spasms, mobility and has worked with medications for schizo-affective disorder. Having a complete cervical fusion, lumbar surgery, 5 knee surgeries, severed and reattached left hand and 3 fingers has put me through rehab and pt, injections of steroids and nerve blocks. After i was told that I had reached MMI ( i finally found a combination of Medications that gave me back a tolerable life. Doing things that i haven't in years.
Now the MD has been arrested and I have tried many different clinics and MD's for pain mgmt. I have had no issues other then the monthly tests by MD along with his pill counting, i never had an issue.
I am being told by Doctors that when it gets bad, go to the ER for assistance.
I have had a great 2 and 1/2 years, and at 60, with films of knee and neck x-rays being told "the psych ward" may be my only option. i need help, I need to find a compassionate medical professional who will help. I don't drive for medical reasons so the closer the better.

Help Me Please!! Anyone anywhere within 70 Miles of Escanaba, any ideas. I am also trying to get records from this clinic, but they are under control of law enforcement.
I need help, thank you in advance for any help out there. I can't go back to where i was, looking forward to how many years of pain to come, if I don't find myself.