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My "painless" freedom from opiod dependence.
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    Post My "painless" freedom from opiod dependence.

    I am new to the forum but thought I would share my story in hope of helping others to stay away from addiction or help anyone get over their addiction.

    At 27 i had been into ALOT of misc drugs throughout my life, but that is when I began my chemical dependency on >>>>>>. After 3 years of lies and selling ALOT of the things I owned, I decided enough was enough and searched for help. I had wanted to quit for a long time, but having gone through the withdrawals once I didn't know if I could do it again. That is when I found Suboxone. For me, it worked perfectly. I felt like i could finally kick this habit once and for all. I knew i was over it mentally, i just had to kick the H physically. My doctor was GREAT! An absolutely awesome Dr. The only problem was he let me be on it for as long as i thought i needed, not helping me off after i ended my cravings (which was at about 6 months.) So Subs treatment went on for 2 years and i eventually started to taper down myself. I had no problems tapering. I went from 4mg (1/2 strip) to 1/10 of a strip in about 3 months, just reading my body as i went along. I was at that level for 4 months, but moved 4 hours from home so i decided to quit once and for all. I didn't think it would be too bad with that low of a dose. Boy was i wrong. I have ADHD so i think the RLS and anxiety hit me worse. On day 2 i was going nuts. Thankfully i had a friend with Tramadol. I knew i was DONE abusing opiates, i just wanted relief. I took 3 the first morning, then one as needed, normally one every 20-24 hours. I did this for ten days then decided that this must stop. I am not trading one for another! I read about Loperamide and that taking higher doses will help with wd. I took 5 2mg pills as needed for 2 days, about every 12 hours. Here i am on day 15, and other than the first 2 days off of subs, i have felt NO wds. I slept fine, had a little stomach stuff but not much. No anxiety (other than daily life.) Every thing that i did helped me out greatly! I am sorry for the long post and any wrong/misspelled words as i am using my smart phone (autocorrect-my only anxiety!) I just hope this can help one person even if 10 years down the line as other posts, even old ones from searching, have helped me out. Thank you to others who have posted. Even if you don't ever get this message, you have helped me out immensely through reading your stories of success!
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    And btw, i exercised alot. I took 3-4 3 mile walks a day and drank alot of gatorade. I also gave the trams to my fiancee to make sure that i didn't abuse them. No solution will resolve wds 100%, but mine were gone 95%. I am not saying this will work for anyone else, but it sure worked for me. You know your body and mind better than anyone else. Just stay POSITIVE and know that you can do this!!

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    good story and very tough coming off the "H",,, cutting down can work sometimes where CT is simply too difficult....

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