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Need advice 4 opiate detox w/ GHB
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    Default Need advice 4 opiate detox w/ GHB

    Need to get off fentanyl patches. I have been using them for legitimate pain but have recently realized how much they have taken over my life. I'd rather be in pain.

    I haven't admitted to anyone that I have been cheeking (very, very small pieces) and telling myself I'm OK because I have been only using 1/2 the patch.
    I have been tapering the last few weeks but it's hard to taper properly when you are cheeking. I am trying to make the pieces as small as possible and only use them when I really feel bad.
    I have access to vicodin, oxycontin, xanax, depakote and GHB. I'm pretty sure the GHB would get me through the bulk of the detox but I'm wondering how much and if I should use the oxy or vic after I taper down to 12 mcg/hr fent. I don't know if depakote is ok w/ GHB either. I want to take the least amount possible to get me through it but I want to also be as comfortable as I can be in that situation.

    I know this forum isn't the best way to find out medical info but I'm now broke without insurance and my pain dr has refused to help me. My family doc took pity on me but doesn't know anything about detox.
    I really don't want to do this on my own. I did this once before when I was ignorant to how powerful this poison is and was in shock and hell when I started getting sweaty and sick. So now I'm deathly afraid of it but I know I have to get off.
    Please help
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    I thought Id chime in since nobody has yet. First off, im no health professional. I do in fact have experience in gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, though. I wouldnt reccomend it. Unless its pharmacuetical grade and done medically supervised, its normally a very dangerous substance. Do your research. Best Of luck.


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