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Need some advice/help starting suboxon
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    Default Need some advice/help starting suboxon

    Guess I should give a little history first ... been addicted to opiates on and off for 10 years now (mostly on) started with percocet then to oxy and been smoking fenytnal for last 2-3 years .. 50 patch - 3 x 100 patches a day depending on avalibility

    I recently went to a clinic in my area to start suboxon about a month ago ... followed 90% of the rules they gave me about being clean for 48h. ..... long story short I waited 40h ish wasent feeling that bad yet but they started the treatment anyhow .... I took a 2mg tab first and felt not that bad .. then 45min after the first 2mg tab they gave me a second 2mg so I was up to 4mg .... about 20min after second tab my skin felt like it was on fire and was going in to full blown PWD ... had to be physically carried out of the clinic and in to my wifes SUV then carried in to my house to my bed where I had the worst 12-18 hours of my life (would have a hard time describing with words what I went through) ... so that was first attempt ... now I decided to go on it at home. So grabbed 6 k8 suboxon off the street so I can start on my own terms then go the clinic route

    so I went 24h or so and was crawling outa my skin scoring a 13-14 on the COWS chart witch put me just past mild and in to the moderate class so figured it was time to take some suboxon (gota remember im really traumatized from what happened last time) so at 8:00am I take a small bite off of the k8 tab maybe .8-1mg to test to see if im gona get PWD ... all seemed well at 10:00am so i take another bite of the tab so now im up to maybe 3.5-4mg in total ... i wait an hour or 2 and not feeling much better actually a bit worst so I kinda panic (from the trauma from my last PWD trip) and smoke a strip of fent about 3-4 hours after taking the 4mg of suboxon and it fixed up my WD to a tolerable level.... so now were getting close to my question or questions .... I already had the suboxon in my system with a half life of 37h the fent I smoked didnt get me high just fixed me up a bit ... if I wait till tomorrow am and take more suboxon when im feeling rough will I be ok or will smoking that strip of fent start me back at square one ... I cant find what the half life of smoking fent is but educated guess would be no longer than 4-8 hrs ... dont know enough about half life of drugs and how their metabolized ... any suggestions or help on how to proceed im really worried about going through PWD again its not something a person should go though twice.

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    I hope you are still following your thread here, because I think I can help. Because you hadn't reached a 26 on the COWS sheet, your doc put you in precipitated w/d. You also put yourself into PWD, that's why you had to "smoke a fent stip". In short you are screwing up the induction which is THE MOST important part of the sub treatment. I really hope you are doing o.k. now. Please READ the taper protocol:

    The following is how to cut your subs by Harry Smooth or you can google it.

    In my opinion you are going to have to reinduct on the subs. No way you should have taken the fent. You are at square one, unless you've managed to induct yourself somehow. We can get you on this and then can get you off safely, if you follow the protocol.

    Let me know if you have further questions or need help. I am going to advise you to copy this into the "suboxone" forum. Many there will be able to assist you. But I will check back here later. This board isn't used very much and sometime new threads are overlooked and I'm terribly sorry about that. If I can do anything for you, I will and will check back later to see if you have replied. Please don't give up on us. We truly CAN and WILL help you.


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