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No Oxycodone for my severe RLS-help!
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    Default No Oxycodone for my severe RLS-help!

    Hi Everyone,
    I wanted to post yesterday, but it took a while to get the final email for membership. Obviously, this is my first time here and I am going through
    h@%$. I have severe RLS and PLMD and have tried everything under the sun for it (you can make suggestions, but gauranteed, I've tried it). My neuro. prescribed me 20mg ER Oxycodone, and it worked miracles--no RLS or PLMD! I started over a year ago, and pretty soon, I was having to take 2 pills a day; it doesn't seem like much, but enough to make me dependent.

    Well, now I'm out, again, and am going on day two.....every time I go to take a pill, I stop and say to myself "Don't do it!" but I do....and now I have none and have the worst RLS in my arms!!!! I've gotten into my "safe" drug stash....Mirapex, Sinemet, Tylenol PM, heck, I even tried the Immodium AD (tasted gross and didn't work). I've taken 3 hot baths today already, and feel so bad for my children when I tell them mommy's sick because she's going through W/Ds.

    What should I do? I teach, and can't even think of going through the day tomorrow and feel guilty if I call in sick because of 2 important meetings I have to attend. I also feel like vomitting because of the drugs mentioned above that I'm taking to try to relieve the pain and crawly feelings in my arms.

    I have an appointment with my sleep doc. on Tuesday, and hope I can make it until then. I thought about going to the emergency room, but what would I say? I know I'm addicted, but am not ready to face the facts......

    I have read so many posts and all have made me feel better seeing that I'm not the only question is, what do I do?


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    I take it you've tried Neurontin (Gabapentin?)
    Mike VG
    Mike VG

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    Yeah, I'd get off the narcotic pain pills, it'll take a couple of weeks of abstinence to start feeling like yourself again....hang in there...

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    Opiate withdrawl can CAUSE rls symptoms in people who don't have it. If I recall correctly it's related to the overabundance of norepinephrine released during withdrawls.

    I DEFINITELY remember how terrible it felt! The opiate may help out temporarily but it sounds like you're making things worse in the long run. Talk to your doctor about how it's affected you physically and see if there's another solution.

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    Default Dear Abbey

    please listen to me I have been taking ER oxycontin up to 300 mgs a day for more than 5 years now and IR oxy for breakthrough pain. I dont have to take anywhere near that amount anymore, in fact I only take 1 40mg a day and thats it. The brain loves Oxycontin as much if not more than any drug out there. I think one of the reasons and this has not been explained to me medically yet is that because it is released slowly into the body and yet its so powerful that we crave it more and more. It almost impossible especially if your in pain not to grab an extra oxy or two to get out of pain, they work they really do and in the beginning they make you feel so euphoric. All I can say is you need to go see your doctor and tell him the truth, never lie about this drug with your doctor or they willl cut you off so fast your had will spin. I wish that everyone lived in the state of washington and could come see my doctor because he believes in managing pain not managing the number of pills you take. He will give you whatever you need as long as your consistent with the medicines you take. Maybe everyone should start flying in and seeing him. I am writing a book write now about pain managment, pain medication, doctors, patients and how horrible a life we really have on this planet as the scum of the earth drug addicts. Unless we walk in with blook dripping from every oriface why should we need pain medcine. Anyways you can reach me on my email address and I willl even give you my telephone number if you just want to talk. I dont know what I would do without my Doctor. He really cares about me and is very knowledgeable in the ways of treating pain patientsl. Let me know if I can be of any further help.
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