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Opiate addiction - and MS paitent...
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    Default Opiate addiction - and MS paitent...

    I have tried to post here a few times then I erase and leave....without posting. I admire the openness you guys have shown and it has finally given me the courage. I have MS and severe pain. I also have found myself in a position where I am addicted to my pain medication. I am not sure how to handle this because the pain is just so intense at times. I started 5 years ago with Darvocet but with my progressive MS conidtion soon it was not enough to keep me pain free. I "graduated" to hydrocodone then oxycodone and then back down to hydo because I knew things were going south for me. I see a pain mgt doctor who is very good and also on the up and up and he gives me enough to take 4 a day. I run out mid month because 4 a day just does not do it for me. What has happened I guess is an old story that many have lived - I started taking 2 at a time instead of 1.... and here I am. I want to fix this. I am not sure how. I have read about the THomas recipe and I have read so many encouraging stories here that I know it can be done. I actually went 2 days last week but the RLS and pain got the better of me.... I was out of meds so I made a call to a "friend". I have a few hydro left (4) and I want to get off them if I can but the pain from the MS is so intense that I just can not take it. So my long winded question is this.... for those who have serious pain but are addicted - what do you do? I sometimes tell myself that I should be able to detox then kind of start fresh with the hydro and take as Rx - just 4 a day.... but I am honestly not sure if I can just take 4 a day. Any advice would be most welcome and very appreciated. I know I am to blame for the hell of this addiction - and "most" of me wants to put it behind me.... a small part of me is yelling that I cant live with the pain from the MS.

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    Dear N2thefire,

    If you're taking more pills than instructed - and running out before it's time to refill them - then you've already gotten through many days without any pills. That shows you that it is possible for you to get by with less. Therefore, I should think that the 4 x a day that the doctor prescribes should make it tolerable.

    There are situations where an addict needs to take a narcotic. But there are 2 ways to go about this. One way is to try to control it on our own - and that way does NOT work for any length of time. Addiction signifies the "loss of control." So we need to discard the idea that somehow we'll learn "control" again. We can not.

    The other way is the only route that I would recommend. The best suggestion I give anyone in this situation is to have someone else hold onto the pill bottle - and dispense the pills to you, exactly as prescribed. That person has to be someone you trust implicitly, who has no issues of addiction themselves, and who can stand firm and stay strong if/when you ask for more.

    If you are serious about managing legitimate pain while not fueling your addiction, then you'll find a way to make this second option work.

    God bless,

    You will know the truth - and only the truth can set you free.

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