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Over-Focused ADD?
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    Unhappy Over-Focused ADD?

    So I've been treated for both anxiety and ADHD with Celexa (40mg) and Concerta (36mg twice daily) and they have help so much, but I have notice something in me that raises concern. I still have a tendency to become obsessed about the simplest things which has taken a toll on my marriage. I don't have compulsions, but I do have the obsession characteristics of OCD. Has anyone had similar experiences personally or with someone they know? What would you suggest and what helps?

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    I have noticed this with my husband. He hasn't been treated with Celexa or Concerta though. He has generalized anxiety disorder and ADHD. They've tried to treat his anxiety with everything from Xanax to Paxil. He is also a prescription drug addict. This is where his over-focused ADD shows. He will have a bad day and will "need" extra meds and he won't shut up until he gets them. Also, he can stub his toe and complain about it for hours! Little things that any other person would dwell on for about 30 seconds and move on. Like you said, it almost presents as OCD at times. Not sure if it's related to the particular meds you're on or not, but it's worth talking to your doctor about. Good luck.

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