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oxy withdrawal day 6.. is this normal??
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    Default oxy withdrawal day 6.. is this normal??

    Im almost through my 6th day off oxys. I was taking 3-4 80mg pills/day. Day 6 and Im still frighteningly ill. Uncontrollable vomiting and sever stomach cramps... I can't eat or drink anything at all... not even a sip of water. I still feel like I'm dying, like my insides are trying to claw their way out... I thought it was supposed to get better around days 4/5 that's what I read everywhere... is this normal? ?
    ive tried the Thomas Recipe but anytime I swallow the pills they come right back up

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    I'm do sorry that you are still having such a hard time. You were on a pretty high dose, so it may take longer for you to start feeling better. But you will! The worst of it will be over soon. You've gotten this far. Hang in there! You can get to the other side!! Good luck!

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