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Oxycodone and Alcohol - Help!
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    Smile Oxycodone and Alcohol - Help!

    I have been taking Ocycodone for about a year (Immediate Release 15mg/day). (It does not have anything in it; just straight oxycodone).

    My doc prescribes me the 30mg tablets but I cut them in half and just take 1/2 pill in the morning.

    I am going to Las Vegas on Friday this week (in 4 days). I took the 1/2 pill this morning.

    I want to drink in Vegas on Friday.

    How many days do I have to be off of the oxycodone in order to drink? I know about all the warnings about mixing alcohol with oxycodone and I am not going to do that. but how many days do I need to be off of the oxycodone in order to drink?

    If I don't take anymore for the next 4 days, will I be ok to drink alcohol on Friday?


    Bill Stanley

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    I think you're going to find that you may have some withdrawls if you stop suddenly for 4 days.You can take the oxycodone the day before you drink.It has a very short half life meaning it doesn't stick around long in your blood.If you can stop for 4 days then you should really look at why your taking them in the first place.That's for another time to think about, what your worried about now is wether you can have alcohol in time.Like I said you can take your meds up until 8-12 hours before you drink as it doesn't stay in your system long.Wait a good 12 hrs after your last drink before you take your oxycodone again.Good luck and have fun on your trip........Dave

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