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Oxycontin & Tramadol
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    Default Oxycontin & Tramadol


    I am new to this board. My fiance is addicted to Oxycontin and Tramadol. Well I guess as it has been said to me, it's nothing specific but pain killers in general.

    I do know that the Dr. is prescribing Oxycontin and Tramadol. We have been discussing times to quit so I have been printing out information on Suboxone, as well as the Thomas Recipe for cold turkey.

    What I am wondering is there any kind of a ween process off from the Oxycontin rather than getting on Suboxone? I have found out that he is taking about 12, 10mg oxy a day. Is the rule of thumb double it for someone who has an addiction and doesn't want to be truthful? With that said, I guess I am not quite sure.

    He quit cold turkey after a few months of being on it and then got back on the tramadol and now the dr has given him back the oxy.

    Anyway, I thought I might find some answers here on this board for ways to ween him off when he is ready. I am making a folder together for him with meeting locations, therapists' to choose from as well as a few different methods of getting clean. He is scared to death of going through the w/d's again mainly sleep.

    Thank you so much!

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    Hi mdg,

    If he is really able to taper down off these drugs, he won't have to go through much in the way of withdrawal. Not everyone can wean off; it takes a lot of discipline to do that, but you do avoid the withdrawal.

    Why is his doctor giving him these drugs? I assume there is some kind of pain issue? If that's the case, planning for dealing with his pain on an ongoing basis is going to be part of his plans.

    My suggestion would be to get off the tramadol first, before the oxy. Getting off trams can be a rough ride because they also have anti-depressant effects and so can cause some emotional symptoms. So it would be a good idea to taper off the trams first (NOT drop them cold turkey), then deal with the opiate addiction. How much tramadol is he taking currently?

    I don't think there is a rule of thumb for extracting the truth from an addict's lies. All you can do is figure that lying is very possible and know that he's the one who's going to suffer for it. In the mean time, you should also look into some meetings for yourself to help you understand your feelings and your role in this situation.

    Good luck!


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    Default don't do suboxone!

    seriously-it may be easier for him to wean of of oxycontin than the suboxone. suboxone is just a replacement drug; he'll soon have to get off of that and he's back to square one. it's simply false hope. i talk to people that wish they never got on it ,most people say that it's worse than a >>>>>> withdrawal. i used to work in a detox center, that's how i know this. but please, please-do your research! i feel so bad for people that have got hooked on it. don't give your money to those people. they are awful! i wish you and your finance the best of luck, he can do it!

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    Thank you for your replies.

    I am not certain how much tramadol is being taken. I try not to ask too many questions as it can turn heated. I could be wrong but I am guessing when he runs out of the oxycontin, he takes the tramadol to get him through until he can get the refill for oxy.

    In my opionion his dr is a nut. he was self medicating for awhile before initially seeing this new dr. But within 3 months had been prescribed morphine for back pain. At that point I became aware and the situation was told to the dr that there is a problem. A month later he gave him tramadol and now oxycontin. Maybe I'm all wet, just seems like there should be some type of protocol for administering such intense pills.

    We have a Dr. appt on Monday to discuss some options for weening as well as suboxone. The suboxone scares the ******** out of me. But from what i have heard from Robert's responses if he can follow the 21 day taper, he may be ok. if he can't do this I really would rather he not be put on it. I do know he is ready to quit, but is scared to death -i believe mainly for the lack of sleep purposes.

    I hope he will turn to this site for inspiration

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