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    Default Pain Med Dr

    I live in the suburbs of chicago and have several different issues that have been causing me severe pain. I cannot find a dr who will actually prescribe meds for me. Anyone have a good dr who can help???

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    If you're not far from Elmhurst, I go to the pain clinic in the new Elmhurst Hospital. They're great, and will really sit down with you and get to the root of the problem without pushing medications on you, or refusing to give them to you (unless you have a documented history of drug abuse, I'm guessing). Ask for Dr. Girardot (Jih-Rar-Doe.. I know, hard to pronounce). He's who I see primarily there, though the doctors rotate, and it can be hard to get in for an appointment within a week or so. They're extremely busy, but usually accommodating if you're a new patient and in a lot of pain. They can just about always get me in within a week or two.

    Their number is: 331.221.1000... The number to the hospital is: 630.758.8000. If you can't get in at the pain center, you can see Dr. Podrazik at EMH, too, and she may help get you a referral to the pain clinic to get you in more quickly (630.758.8885).

    Good luck! Hope they can help you!

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