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Pain meds in the same house as an addict
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    Default Pain meds in the same house as an addict

    My spouse is an addict, and I was on a pain contract for chronic pancreatitis, neuropathy pain and poss MS or fibromyalgia. I had been through years of him abusing/stealing my medication. Yes I tried keeping them on me ( he would get in my pockets when I was asleep) ... Hiding them in the most random spots ( too many times he would search the rooms and find them)... And a safe that he managed to figure out. Almost every month when my meds were near being due to be filled, I would have none and would have to withdrawal monthly, but it came time for my urine test and because I was out ( he had taken more than half my meds) I had a negative test. I was then weaned off morphine in two months and sent packing. That was quite a few months ago, I've decided I can't suffer this much anymore and I have to seek help from a new pain management doctor.... How should I bring up my predicament with a new pm dr?? I didn't tell my old pm dr what happened until my last appointment and all I said was "it's hard living in a house with an addict" my husband hasn't taken pain meds since I got kicked out of my pm office. I believe honesty is the best policy , but seeing my spouse sober is great but I shouldn't have to get suicidal from pain . I had hoped he turned a new page but just less than a week ago he stole 7 diauladid pills from our neighbor! So I honestly know he will go right back to his old habit of taking my meds! I need a good plan for maintaining his sobriety and decent pain relief for myself. Should I get a great safe? Should I try to get a pain pump?? Help plz!

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    When you find a new Dr., tell him up front about your situation. You can get fairly cheap lock boxes, either metal or small locked wood cabinets to put your medications in. Keep the keys with you. For a while, I was in a similar situation and had some of my meds stolen. That person is gone now, but I still keep my meds in a lock box.

    I'm sure what every Dr. you get will have heard it before. Its best to be upfront and volunteer the information instead of waiting until you have some of your meds stolen. At the beginning of the day, I take out only the medications I'm going to need for the day and put them in a small pill box in my pocket. The rest stays locked up.

    Some pain management clinics now have a rule on their contracts stating that you have to keep your meds locked up anyway, even if you live alone.

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