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perc 10 to oxycontin 80...OVERKILL?
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    Default perc 10 to oxycontin 80...OVERKILL?

    ok, ive been on oxy 10 325 for almost a year, works great, take it 3 times a day until disc replacement surgery is a lil more improved, i went to the dr wed, i asked if there was any med i could change to that would last all day or 12 hr, instead of the up and down, high, then low ten pain then 1 hour till my next dose i was having with it, he said fine, he would put me on oxycodone extended release, im thinking wow! there is suck a med, this will be awsome, he said to take one when i get up, and one before bed if i need it. i thought this would be awsome, i realy dont know much about oxycontin, except it is a extended release percocet without the actim., filled the script, it was for 60 80 mg oxycontin. omg, it was so expensive, the pharm wouldnt fill it as a gen, so i got raped i feel, but if it would work, i would find a way to pay for it. HOLY **** I TOOK ONE WHEN I GOT UP AT 6, AND 630 I FELT GREAT, THEN THE SLIGHT HIGH, JITTERY FEELING CAME, AND I FELL ASLEEP, I FINALY WOKE UP AT 3, AND ITS BEEN 20 HOURS SINCE I TOOK IT, I DONT HURT AT ALL, BUT IM STILL OUT THERE....I REALY FEEL LIKE I TOOK WAY TO MUCH, ITS GREAT IT LASTED ALL DAY, BUT I CAN WORK, AND DONT WANT TO DO ANYTHING IN FEAR IM NOT CAPEABLE OF IT. I WILL TRY 1/2 TOM MORN, BUT WHAT IS THIS STUFF, AND SHOULD I BE ON IT? 10MG PERC WAS FINE FOR THE PAIN, JUST WANTED THE EXTENDED RELEASE....NOT A HIGH. IM NOT A PILL HEAD, BUT I DO REQUIRE A CONSTANT DOSE TO MAINTAIN A STEADY LIFE, I ASKED A FREIEND THAT IS A NURSE, AND HE SAID TO STOP IT, GO TO THE DR ASAP, OR TRANSFER FOR A SEC OPION, THAT THERE IS NO REASON FOR THAT STRONG OF A DOSE, I CANT GET IN TILL NEXT WED, SO WHAT SHOULD I DO?

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    DO NOT cut that pill in half. You'll get all the time released medication at once. Instead of an 80mg there is a 40mg extended release oxycontin. Talk to the dr this morning but DON'T cut that pill in half. That is bad! God bless.

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    That must have been a mistake. I can't believe a doctor would tell you to go from 30mg/day to 160mg on purpose. As well as being dangerous it will make you build a tolerance so you will have to take that amount.

    BTW, I don't think it's that they refused to fill it with generics, I think it's that generics have been withdrawn so there is only the brand name version available.

    They do also make a 10mg and and 20mg version which sounds like a more appropriate dose for you.

    Also, I think taking slow release meds before you go to sleep is a bad idea. Unless the pain is waking you up, you don't need drugs when you are sleeping. As you're only taking it 3 times per day it doesn't sound like you have that problem.

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    They also now make a 30mg version. It definately sounds like you got some residual oxycodone there. It is normal to have a feeling of euphoria to an extent; aside from the actual pain relief that is one of the things with that medicine that helps you deal with moderate to severe pain.

    I was taking 10/325 percocet 4 times a day, then went to OxyContin 20 mg twice a day, 20 mg 3 times a day and now 40 mg 3 times a day. From the time I began using OC, it's been about 6 months to go from 20 bid to 40 tid.

    But for sure...DON'T BREAK/CUT THE 80MG.

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