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Please help me find a subutex dr in the south ga or north fl area
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    Post Please help me find a subutex dr in the south ga or north fl area

    jello everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I live in south ga and would drive all over ga and even north florida if I have to. I have been prescribed Subutex for a year and for unsaid reasons I have to can he doctors. All the other doctors in the area want to prescribe suboxone strips which I can't stand. It's hard to find a doctor both willing to take a new patient and to prescribe Subutex. Can anyone help me with a name of a doctor. I'm out of medication as of today and need a doctor ASAP! HELP PLEASE! Thanks,


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    Hey jennifer. My advice to you would be to go online and find a sub doctor asap. You can Google it and they will list sub doctor's in the area. Then I'd just start calling and see who or when they can squeeze you in for an appt. I know most doctor's like to prescribe suboxone because it has less chance for abuse with the naloxone in it. I know you said you don't like them but I gotta think if that's all you can get on short notice it's gotta be better than going c/t from what I assume is a hefty dose, (if your experience with sub doctor's is anything like mine.)

    As far as a specific doctor in GA. I can't help you with that one. The doctor I went to was in Dallas GA. Not sure how much I can put out there without having the post deleted but he always gave me suboxone. Haven't seen him in 8 months so I don't know if he is accepting new patients.

    Keep us updated and let us know how it goes.

    Welcome to the forum.

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