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Please Help!!! Suboxone withdrawals
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    My husband was on 32mg+ a day of Suboxone, the strips, for over a year. He went to jail almost 2 months ago and they will not let him have it there. I admittedly have sneaked him some on 3 different occasions because I have been so worried about him. He thinks he's dying and, in 16 years of his various addictions, I've never seen him like this. He goes days without sleeping more than 30 minutes at a time and cannot get still or comfortable. His back is killing him and the metal bunk isnt helping. He is sweating and freezing. He is an emotional roller coaster. And he told me just now that he cant do this anymore, it hurts too bad and he'd rather die than go through it any longer. I cant stand not knowing what to do or how to help him. He cant taper or have access to medical care. What can he do? Somebody please tell me how to save him from this hell...

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    I'm sorry to hear about your husband. That's a really tough thing to go through in jail, especially from 32 mg. Obviously, we would recommend a taper, but unfortunately that's not possible for him. When someone goes cold turkey, we would also recommend the Thomas Recipe (a list of comfort meds, supplements, etc.) but that's gonna be difficult as well since he's not at home. After 2 months, he really should be feeling much better, though. That part has me stumped. How much Sub did you give him on those few occasions?

    Can he see a doctor or psychiatrist while in jail?

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    Default What..

    I'm seeing everyone saying holy 16 mg is too much, my dr put me up to 24 because every time I went in shed ask me if I felt normal yet.. I don't know what that means.. I'm on day 4 I tapered myself off down to 8mg then ran out and didn't want to go back for more, didn't think it'd make much of a difference. No one told me it was going to be this bad.. Can anyone give me advice that doesn't involve going back on suboxone? Please , thank you

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    I jumped off a high dose after getting bad side effects. I'm still getting withdrawal and it's been almost two months. It seems to vary greatly from person to person. For some tapering removes most if not all withdrawal, but for others even after tapering there's withdrawal that can last months.

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    I am on day 37 of a five year 16mg’s of suboxone. I did not taper, I decided to go into treatment and they did cold turkey. To say it’s been hell is a complete understatement!!!! I also came off Benzo’s as well so I’m sure that’s not helped. The worst part for me was the endless nausea and throwing up, I did this 14 out of my now 37days. It finally stopped after day 28. I also had extremely bad anxiety to the point of panic attacks and the feeling of my heart beating so hard I thought I would pass out. Even though it’s been absolute hell I promise it does get way better! My only withdrawal symptoms now are PAWS. I have terrible night sweats and very little energy. My doctor gave me a non Narcotic sleep medication that helps greatly so I’m able to sleep pretty well now. The first three weeks I didn’t sleep much even taking the medication for sleep but it’s gotten much better. I also lost 15-20 pounds due to no appetite and throwing up but the last 8 days my appetite has returned greatly. I began feeling better after day 30 so please hang in to whom ever is reading this! If I can do it I promise you can. I’m a 33 year old female with a three year old and a six month old. I was only able to do 17 days in treatment so I’ve been home the last 20 days with two kids I care for. I’m not going to lie and say it’s been a cake walk because that’s frankly Bull>>>>. Everyday has gotten so much better. I take supplements to help as well so do your research and hopefully it helps someone.

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    Good Morning,

    What you are both going through infuriates me!! While I understand that there are physicians who have used the chronic pain of their patients to get rich doing what they're doing. But arbitrarily booting some of their patients from their clinics isn't the answer. I'm not quite sure what the answer is except to find the places that abuse their authority and have become pill mills. Perhaps enforcing stronger reporting laws to justify the long term prescribing of pain medications. Slightly off topic, but this angers me as much as when a physician orders tests or prescribes something that the insurance company thinks is too expensive and refuses to approve it. I know that many times these approvals or denials are done by clerical folks according to a book of guidelines and it amazes me that they have the authority to second guess a physician, Crazy.

    Back to pain clinics or prescribing pain meds in general. Certainly there are masses of people who use doctors to continue their addiction but there are also masses of people who have become addicted as a result of legitimate pain issues. When the time comes that they should no longer need their pain meds, these doctors need to take more responsibility in helping them taper and get off of them comfortably. Some doctors do that while most do not. These people, like you often have no choice but to find another source and this other source is getting them from family, friends or going to the streets. When that becomes too much of a financial burden, they turn to a cheaper means of treating their pain or their addiction and that's called H. People are dying and it scares me to death.

    Anyway, I'm so sorry that you are caught up in this tragedy and I hope that the government finds a better way of controlling the prescribing of opiates other than forcing good doctors to discharge their pain patients for little other reason than not wanting to take the heat.



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