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    Hi folks

    I was addicted to 48 Nurofen Plus, Ibuprofen+Codeine based pain killers per, day.

    I use Poppy Seed Tea, now and it has cured my pain killer addiction.

    I think it is the lesser of two evils, no Liver or Kidney failure, but it does contain morphine.

    Here is the info, I found online that led me to poppy Seed Tea.

    Poppy Seed Maintenance
    Poppies - Opium & Various Herbs
    by jacky


    DOSE : 150 mg oral Poppies - Opium

    BODY WEIGHT : 170 lb

    Over the past decade I have been habituated to opiates for most of the time. It began with pills, progressed to IV >>>>>>, and finally seems to have settled with oral doses of poppy seeds.

    After getting hooked on oxycodone and methadone once again, and riding the edge of blowing everything again, I learned of poppy seeds. This has had a significant effect on my lifestlye and health. The seeds of the opium plant are specifically exempted from any controls, and I have used this legal source of opioids to my seeming benefit. I started by grinding the seeds and making a tea from this soupy starchy oily mess. Graduating to a water and lime juice extraction that works much better by not grinding the seeds. I find the effects to be somewhat heavy, slightly uncomfortable at first, with a stimulant edge. Doses over 1 pound usually just bring on dysphoric effects, and I have been using around a cup's worth spread over 3 doses in a day. I have consumed the seeds for over a year straight, and during that time completeley quit using IV drugs. I have quit drinking and smoking cigarettes also. I feel that the poppy seeds support my ability to walk away from the majority of these substances in that they leave me content with minor analgesic/euphoric effects.

    There is obviously a complicated blend of alkaloids in the seeds also, and I sometimes wonder if thebaine is contributing to the effects, as the beginning can be somewhat forceful and stimulating, and in the latter part turns heavy and sedating. UN data points to the possibility that thebaine is metabolized into morphine in vitro. I have also noticed that my tolerance doesn't progress unchecked, but seems to hang out in the 100-200 gram range.

    One problem is getting different potency of seeds in different batches. I buy mine in ten pound lots, for around 1.25$ a pound, and I have noticed a large variation in potency. One batch was so potent that it was very very bitter, and caused dysphoric effects till I got my dose lowered, that lot lasted me almost a month and a half. I took the seeds to a recent conference as I didnt want to 'kick' before going on vacation. I took the seeds on carry-on, and also mailed some to my friend's house. I would just put the seeds in an empty juice bottle, fill with water, and just drink the seeds whole. This produced a milder high, that seemed drawn out, and also helped my bowel movements, which can become quite unregular when habituated to the seeds. The ease and seeming legality of transporting the seeds makes traveling on opiates alot less of a hassle than I used to experience.

    There is a downside to this maintenance program of mine, chronic addiction can build up no matter what the opioid is, and I was reaching a point where I couldnt sleep longer than 3 hours at a time, and would suffer panic attacks that reminded me very much of the same reactions I had when strung out severely on >>>>>>. I needed to cut my dose, and researched several herbs like bacopa, ashwaghanda, morinda citrifolia, chaste tree, salvia divinorum, pukatea and more for opiate action or interaction to help lower my seed dose without suffering withdrawal. I cut my dose by 2/3rds using a combination of these herbs and felt much much better.

    I have slowly reduced my poppy seeds dose to around 25 grams of seeds, and amazingly I can still detect effects. Taking morinda citrifolia, ashwaghanda and bacopa daily has really helped, and I am really impressed with the potency of these herbs as potentiators for opiates. I plan to keep cutting my dose and getting off the seeds on a daily basis. The other herbs I take provide some support I believe for the opiate system. Some of them have scientific data that supports this belief, but the real deal is in consuming the plants. I have received very real opiate effects from consuming the suggested amounts of these herbs. ME and a friend were able to interrupt oxycodone habits at around a 100 milligrams a day using poppy seeds. If you would have told me 5 years ago what I have learned about using herbs to replace >>>>>> I wouldnt have believed it. A certain weight has been lifted from my psyche in that I realize I now have access to legally support my opiate cravings, which in moderation I believe to be a healthy alternative to alcohol, IV drugs etc. I wonder how long these seeds will be continue to be sold in their present state?

    A friend in portland claims seeds in that area are being treated somehow. When made into a tea he noticed no bitterness, very little particulate matter with just the lime juice coloring the water. He also noticed very little oil released, and NO effects. I hope this isnt a growing trend, and may just be an isolated misunderstanding. I have watched more and more reports on the internet surface on this subject and was amused to read of a US Marine's wife using the seeds to combat insomnia caused from worrying about her husband serving in Iraq.

    Most people have no use for this information, or could really care less, but for me it provided an escape from expensive illegal opiate addiction. If you are strung out give poppy seeds a try, if not be very careful in your consumption as the seeds can bring about a moderate physical dependency rather quickly. I included my experience with the other herbs because they really help either intensify effects, or minimize or even abolish withdrawal in my body. I also use 50-100 milligrams of tramadol daily when easing off of the seeds, this product can help alot also and is rather easy to get legally prescribed.

    I will include this last experience with herbal blends and poppy seeds because it was one of the strongest inebriations I have experienced. I consumed my normal 100+ grams poppy seed dose at 6pm. I was at work and waited till I had 20 minutes left in my shift. I then took a blend of 50 mg 5-htp, 60 grms dark chocolate, methionine, protein enzyme digestant pills, schizandra, ashwaghanda. Shortly after I started feeling dizzy and somewhat nauseous, and worked extra hard to get out of work quickly. After getting off work I rode home on my bike. My arms seemd very long and far way, and my balance was ****ed. The analgesia in my hands was very strong, I could barely feel them! Riding my bike was difficult and I worried about attracting attention as I was now throwing up. I vomited all the way home and laid straight down. Once reclined I felt better and could enjoy the rather intense opiate effects without any further purging. I nodded in and out of consiousness, languishing in the novelty of experiencing heavy effects from a handful of legal substances that ran me no more than 5$. I was somewhat worried about stopping breathing and tried to stay awake a few more hours.

    In the morning I had a definite opiate hangover and the knowledge of a 'new blend'. I think the 5-htp and the chocolate really added to the effect. Naloxone is perported to relieve chocolate craving, and cannabanoids have been proven to interact with pain sensation, and serotonin intensifies opiate effects, as do most antideppressants. I have not repeated this blend again, and would only bring it out on special occasions. I do remember at a conference a gentleman passing out information on chocolate, I shared this recipe with him and he said that schizandra specifically intensifies chocolates effects?

    SO to wrap it up I have been very lucky to have lived out my reckless days of >>>>>> addiction, and I owe it mostly to online information and the ethnobotanical 'movement''s sharing of information that turned me on to viable alternatives of inebriation. Thanks Alot!!

    I read all of these stories about people obtaining opiate-like highs from some sort of preparation of poppy seeds. Is such a thing really possible? I knew about the false positive the seeds can give on drug tests, but are they actually psychoactive?


    A: Yes, many poppy seeds that are sold in grocery stores are the seeds of P. somniferum, the opium poppy. These seeds contain small quantities of psychoactive opiates, primarily morphine. Some people make tea out of relatively large quantities of poppy seeds in order to get the effects of the morphine. Following are details about a poppy seed tea related death which provide more information about the quantities of opiates present in poppy seeds and the related potential dangers associated with the ingestion of such tea.

    In November 2005, we were contacted by a woman who reported that her son died in 2003 after consuming poppy seed tea. She and her family created a web site ( or Erowid cache) with details about the death including the coroner's report, which identified the amount of morphine found in her son's blood and urine during autopsy, as well as lab analysis results of a similar batch of poppy seed tea. The coroner's report found 210 ng/mL morphine in her son's blood and 1880 ng/mL in urine.

    In this case, the seeds were purchased in bulk at a natural foods grocery store. Between 2.5 and 3 pounds of seeds were soaked in warm water with the juice of three lemons, for an hour. It was then mixed with honey to make it drinkable. Two liters of tea were consumed, leading to death (we don't know how much total water was used with the 2.5-3 lbs of seeds).

    Following his death, a similar batch of tea was made, following the same recipe. This batch was submitted for testing by the coroner. Lab testing results found that this tea contained 259 ug/ml morphine. Codeine and hydrocodone were also detected. According to these numbers, assuming the tea he ingested had the same morphine concentration as the tested batch, the 2 liters he consumed would have contained around 519 mg of morphine. This is a very high dose. Pharmaceutical morphine (hydrochloride salt) comes in tablets ranging from 10 to 60 mg.

    The autopsy also found therapeutic levels (those associated with the ingestion of normal therapeutic doses) of a number of other chemicals including: desmethylsertraline, diphenhydramine, and well as low levels of bupropion and delta-9-carboxy-THC. While none of these appear to be significantly related to his death, it can't be ruled out that they could have contributed in some way to it.

    Tea may be prepared from either the seed pods or the seeds themselves; however, pods are preferable because they have a higher concentration of active alkaloids. When pods are unavailable the seeds may be used instead, but it is worth noting that their potency can vary greatly between batches depending upon the way in which they were prepared. Some users report that poppy seeds bought in bulk have a higher yield than small containers sold in supermarkets. There have been one or two notable cases where a fatal overdose has been caused by a stronger than normal batch of poppy seeds, so care should be taken. Stalks can also be used, but the alkaloid constant is much lower than in the poppy head so a much greater quantity of material is required.

    Dried poppy pods must first be prepared such that they have a high surface area for efficient extraction to be possible. When reduced to small pieces, for example in a food blender, they form what is known as poppy straw. Poppy straw is steeped in hot but not boiling water, which has been slightly acidified. Commonly, vinegar or citric acid is used for the acidification. Boiling the mixture degrades the alkaloids and does not significantly increase their solubility so it should be avoided. After steeping for a few minutes, the mixture is strained and the brown liquid is set aside for consumption. A second or third extraction may optionally be performed with fresh water to extract the remaining alkaloids.

    [edit] Consumption
    The tea is drunk and its effects begin after about 30 minutes, lasting up to 8 hours. It is intensely bitter and the flavour may be improved by adding lemon juice, coffee, honey etc. Some juices, such as grapefruit juice may also inhibit histamine production, thus increasing the strength and duration of the opiate effects.

    For convenience of consumption, the tea can be evaporated over a very low heat to make a thick, concentrated liquid or a completely dry powder. Some users recommend putting this material into gel caps to allow for dosage to be measured more carefully.

    Although oral administration is the most common, dried poppy tea can also be snorted or smoked. However, many users report unpleasant side effects from these methods because of the non-active and potentially irritating substances, which are present in addition to the alkaloids. It should be noted that dried poppy tea is not the same as opium, as the former is made from the whole plant, whilst the latter is made from exuded latex alone. Some users bypass the tea altogether and simply add poppy straw to a foodstuff such as yogurt. This method is fairly effective at masking the taste, but may lead to more gastric discomfort than consuming tea or dried tea.

    It is relatively easy to overdose with poppy tea as the recreational dose is not greatly below the dose at which side effects become unpleasant or dangerous. Experienced users take a modest initial dose followed by small amounts over an extended period of time, in order to titrate up to the desired level.

    [edit] Effects
    Effects vary widely depending on dosage (amount of poppy straw used, alkaloid content of poppies and the quality of extraction), on individual sensitivity and on any opiate tolerance which has built up. The effects are likened to Percocet or Codeine and can last for up to 8 hours.
    Poppy tea, like other opiates, is effective at dulling the sensation of pain. It can elicit in the user a feeling of calm, well-being and relaxation.
    Side effects increase with dosage, and include sleepiness, lethargy, itching, slowed breathing and nausea. Nausea can be attributed to the presence of noscapine and is more common in first time or inexperienced users. At high doses, the side effects are dangerous and can cause death, typically through cessation of breathing or choking on vomit.
    Frequent use will result in tolerance and dependence. Chemical dependency builds up after one to two weeks of daily usage, so it is generally recommended to not use poppy tea more frequently than once every few days. Frequent use followed by abrupt abstinance will give rise to withdrawal symptoms including leg and abdominal cramps, vomit, diarrhea, insomnia, cravings and anxiety. Physical symptoms of withdrawal usually fade after a number of weeks but cravings and psychological dependence may continue for longer.

    [edit] Analysis of Poppy Seed Tea
    Following an unfortunate case of fatal overdose in 2005, a sample of poppy Seed tea was sent for laboratory analysis. This individual used 3.5lbs of poppy seeds. The concentration of morphine in the tea was shown to be around 250 ug/ml and the amount of morphine which had been consumed by the individual was around 500 mg. This is about five times the lethal oral dose for an individual without opiate tolerance.[1] Note: tolerant users can consume much greater amounts without harm: studies in the early 1900's on >>>>>> addicts showed that when given increased doses over time, patients were able to handle over 100 times the normal lethal dose.

    [edit] Warnings
    It is possible to overdose and die on poppy tea. Treatment, which must be prompt, includes the administration of an opiate antagonist such as naloxone or naltrexone.
    In the event of an overdose, call emergency services immediately and do not leave the patient alone. Try to keep him/her awake and ensure that they do not stop breathing or choke on their vomit. Administer CPR if necessary.
    Do not combine poppy tea with other CNS depressant drugs such as alcohol or benzodiazepines, as these can enhance the effects which slow down breathing. Similarly, it can be dangerous to combine poppy tea with stimulant drugs (e.g. cocaine or amphetamine) since these substances can mask the effects of the opiate until they wear off, at which point an overdose can occur.
    As with any new substance, users are advised to start with a small quantity and gradually increase the dose. It is always advisable to have a sitter, i.e. a person who remains sober and who can act in the case of an emergency.

    Poppy tea is a narcotic analgesic tea which is brewed from the dried parts of the Papaver somniferum plant. It has been consumed as long as the poppy has been cultivated for its psychoactive effects. Depictions both in Asian literature as well as in Western literature (such as in opium dens) abound. In some locales, preparation of tea may be preferred to opium as the latex of the plant (itself the primary component of opium) is illegal.

    Poppy tea contains two groups of alkaloids: phenanthrenes (including morphine and codeine) and benzylisoquinolines (including papaverine). Of these, morphine is the most prevalent comprising 10%-16% of the total. Its effects derive from the fact that it binds to and activates ì-opioid receptors in the brain, spinal cord, stomach and intestine

    Items needed:

    A 1 or 2 litre bottle with lid. A teatowel, or a coffee filter, or a s**** of CLEAN material. A rubberband or some string. A large jar. Pasta sauce jars are good. A funnel. Just make one out of rolled up paper if you don't own one. Water, and or fruitjuice. (I find pineapple juice masks the taste well enough) And last but not least some poppy seeds.

    Go down to the supermarket and buy a bag of normal black poppy seeds that you use in cooking. They should be located in the spices section. They sometimes come in jars or tins. You need to buy about 300g of seeds if you are making this for one person. Now you won't need an excuse for buying the seeds, they are perfectly legal. You may however encounter odd looks if you buy a kilo of seeds, if you want to buy a large ammount it's probably better to goto a wholesale market or go to a few shops to buy up big.

    Ok, grab your funnel and stick it into the top of your clean bottle. Pour your seeds into the bottle carefully. I stress carefully as they get EVERYWHERE and are a nice lady to clean up Now that the seeds are in the bottle pour about 350mls of warm tap water into the bottle. Or you could use juice. I use warm water as it washes the goodies off the seeds better. Now screw the cap back onto the bottle tightly and give it a shake for about 5 minutes. After shaking well, let the bottle sit for about 10 or 15 minutes. After letting it sit, shake again for about 5 minutes. Repeat this for about an hour, the longer the stronger By this stage the seeds will look like a clumpy mess. If you feel the need to add more liquid do so, but remember that it tastes like **** and the more liquid, the more you have to drink. Now what I do is take the lid off and tie a piece of cloth around the bottle opening. Make sure it is secure and wont slip off. Last time I used a clean sock and it worked fine. Once the cloth is secured place the bottle upside down into the top of your jar. Hopefully the bottle will balance well in the top, if not just lean it against a wall or something. Now let it filter through the cloth. This will take a while so give the bottle a good squeeze every now and then to help it along. When you have gotten the most liquid out of the bottle that way remove the bottle from the jar. You'll be left with this disgusting slurry. That's the tea. Now there's liquid left in the seeds. To get it out you have to pour the seeds into a piece of cloth, or in my case a sock. Squeeze like there's no tomorrow either over the jar, or over a bowl and it will get the rest of the tea out. Once you have done this mix the tea with some juice and slam it down. Just remember it does taste like ****, I find drinking it with super cold juice makes it easy to throw down. I had some with orange juice last night and it tasted a little earthy but masked the flavour rather well. I also find pineapple juice to be an awesome way to mask it.

    Now drink and enjoy the 'pain relief' or getting pinned!

    Question and Answer time kiddies!

    Q: How does this work?

    A: The poppy seeds used in cooking (think bagels) are Papaver Somniferum (opium poppy) seeds. The same seeds can be used to grow poppies to produce opium, morphine, and even >>>>>> if you wish to goto jail for many years.

    Q: Don't they treat the seeds to make them drug free?

    A: The only thing they do to the seeds is wash them. This washes some of the opiate away from it but they can't wash it all off. They also sterilize the seeds so they won't grow. But if you do want to grow some of the poppies yourself just scatter about 100g of seed. Not all become sterile from the process.

    Q: What is in the seeds to give this effect?

    A: The main active alkaloid is morphine. But there are a whole host of other alkaloids in the mix too. Codiene, noscapine, papaverine, and thebaine.

    Q: Are there any risks involved with drinking poppy seed 'tea'?

    A: As with any opiate there are risks. These include nausea, addiciton, risk of overdose, and death. Common sense is needed when doing this. Don't attempt to use this if you are allergic to opiates of ANY type. And don't drive machinery of any kind either.

    Q: Will this feel like pure morphine?

    A: Not completely the same, due to the other alkaloids being present. I live in Australia and we grow and export poppy based drugs commercially to drug companies around ther world. To hinder people from raiding the poppy fields at night the companies that farm poppies have developed a strain that is high in alkaloids that cause sickness and not so pleasant side effects. The majority of the seed available in Australia comes from these strains so some unpleasant side effects will be noticeable with high doses.

    Q: Which brand of seeds is the best to buy or the strongest?

    A: Brands mean nothing really. The strength is dependant on the actual plant itself. So one week Farmer Joe Brand seeds may be really potent, but the next week they will be much weaker. You can't really tell. But a trick is to buy a brand that has alot of stem/stalk, and random bits of pod in it.

    Be safe and have fun! Remember to go easy if you are not experienced in opiate use, drink half, wait for an hour or so, then drink the other half. People have died from this.


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    Red face question - how many teaspoons

    I was reading about the poppy seed tea, and I was just curious, since I've never tried this. Lets say, for example that I decided to make tea out of poppy seeds (I'm not saying that I will) but if I did, how many teaspoons of poppy seeds would be safe to add to one cup of boiling water? I'm talking about for moderate painkilling effects, not to get "high". The article talks about the seeds in terms of grams, but I would have no idea how to measure anything in grams. In my house, I only have measuring spoons and cups, like teaspoons or tablespoons, and 8-ounce measuring cups. Does anyone know how many teaspoons of poppy seeds would be a low-dose safe amount to make a cup of tea with?
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    I was reading about the poppy seed tea, and I was just curious, since I've never tried this. Lets say, for example that I decided to make tea out of poppy seeds (I'm not saying that I will) but if I did, how many teaspoons of poppy seeds would be safe to add to one cup of boiling water? I'm talking about for moderate painkilling effects, not to get "high". The article talks about the seeds in terms of grams, but I would have no idea how to measure anything in grams. In my house, I only have measuring spoons and cups, like teaspoons or tablespoons, and 8-ounce measuring cups. Does anyone know how many teaspoons of poppy seeds would be a low-dose safe amount to make a cup of tea with?[/QUOTE]
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    Thumbs down Poppyseed Tea DOES NOT "CURE" OPIATE ADDICTION!!!!!!!

    I am so angry at the title of this post. To think that someone would actually write something that not only was far from the truth, but could actually send the recovering addict out to play "just one more time".

    Poppyseed tea is NOT a cure. It only onsets new addiction or adds to the current one.


    And then at least you can make an informed decision rather than listening to a person who doesn't have enough sense to actually research their claim.

    I'm sorry for spouting. But the emails received by the above website, brought me right back to my addiction. Not to mention the woman who created that site, and for what reason she is exploiting this drug!!!
    I shall remain grateful for Suboxone...........

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    Wink A poppy seed quest

    HI Folks, yes another one with chronic pain issues.
    I have many issues with similar reasons to go natural and I yet to discover the true nature of natural. Conventional medicine has left me in a desperate situation where I have to rely on a Dr. for my aches and pains. a few hundred years ago this was not so. Honestly unless you understand anything about pain besides the common headaches or other similar aches which are common, what about the post operative results of acute pain, and chronic pain. The more I try to remedy my own diagnosis, the further the worm hole goes. Simplistic avenues have always been my goal.
    Realistically, I am aware of the rules. Realistically I am aware of the money people are so inclined to find for them selves. Sure why not, I 'd like to have more than what I have.
    My point? I have been taking Oxycontin 20mg 3x a day since December 2006. In October of 2007, My wonderful Doc cut me off because of a failed Pee test. Little did I know of the no such contract to state whether I was taking to much, or selling the stuff. Point being, Many restless nights, which tripled in content since the disectomy of my L4-L5 in 2002. It seemed to spiral down into the endless ground of trying to cover one base when another would open up. Another point? Naw, frustration at the fact that I was born 150 years to late. Most Dr.s have yet to understand the pain any individual endures. The surgeon who butchered my back had the same procedure done as mine and well, he stands upright without concern, is that because there is at his disposal demoral, Oxy ? Boy what can an education do for you?
    I was just recently released from another specialist, after an MRI showed nothing but the original surgery. I wonder if it showed the three race car crashes, the three dozen times I have fallen down on my knees, the many times the stupid disc pops in and out?
    You know I am tired of relying on people (DR>S) who are concerned about there pocket books than the patients health.
    I have tried the Poppy seed tea, and only used 150 mg.'s and felt nothing. If there is a higher dose for me than I will make the efforts to self remedy. Otherwise another avenue is at stake....
    Suggestion for pain relief is, I am all ears....
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    I can't comment on anyone else's experience except my own. Just as a counterpoint, I want to add that while poppy seed tea may help one get off >>>>>>, poppy pod tea is an extremely dangerous opiate. Its has an extremely long half-life for an opiate, which consequently makes for a protracted withdrawal. I used poppy pod tea for approximately 6 months, and am still experiencing anxiety symptoms after quitting cold turkey 6 weeks ago. I may be having an atypical reaction, but in the case I am not I feel compelled to warn people to avoid this drug at all costs unless they're trying to step down from a harder drug. Having had vicodin and percocet habits, I can confidently say that for me, poppy tea has been a far far more addictive and devastating drug. Some of the detox sites rank poppy tea as the hardest opiate to kick, excepting methadone. Please keep this in mind before trying it.
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    Default poppy seed tea sucks and buprenourphene works

    First thing I was going to say is that I tried making poppy seed tea many times and it does not work in hopes of disuading you from trying it, but goverment has been feeding lies on drugs for years and that obviously has not worked and almost justify taking some drugs, even if that were true, it does not justify taking this one. So lets start with the truth, I have tried it and I can fully assure you that it does create plenty of opium and for that matter I found tons of poppy straw in some of the bottles I have had of seeds. With that said I pray that solves some of you guys curiosity so you won't have to find out for yourselves. To extiquish further curiosity, yes it gets you high as hell for possibly up to 24 hours and is very euphoric except for the part where anybody with a brain knows its going to end and you will never quite get that feeling again from the experience. Afterwards begins the process of TRYING to get that feeling again that is a thirst that cannot be quenched. I was curious and I wish I never heard of the stuff. Now some people have read this thread and already tried it and I'm sorry for you even though you might not know it yet that life is going to such again for a while. Me on the presipice of great success and have put that possibly in jeparde if I don't find a way to beat this ********************. Koala is so right that whole passage should of been deleted and censored with the nature of this site as soon as it was on thier, however, if you guys have read this far than let me give you the good news. Buprenourphene is a miracle drug and is presribed to drug addicts. You can take the same amount every day for years and never crave more unless you are in real and i mean real pain you can be happy on whatever dose so long as you want to quit. It takes away the hunger for more although you will hunger for whatever dose you take of the suboxone. Find a doctor that will drop you slow and you might not feel the urge to take another painkiller unless you are in REAL PAIN. By the way, if you are or have surgery, make sure you take another coarse of suboxone to assure a safe landing.

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    Default poppy tea is an opiate that is extremly addicting

    I have been thru the tea routine and YES IT IS ADDICTING. Stay away, you'll be craving before you know it. Once you've felt the effects of withdrawl, you'll be here asking for help. Trust me, I know what is what.

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    I hate to break it to you, but poppy tea does NOT cure opiate addiction of any kind. You see, poppies contain the chemicals MORPHINE, CODEINE, and a few others. When >>>>>> enters your blood >>>>>>, it immediately breaks down into MORPHINE, which is what gets you high. Same with oxycontin, and all other opiates. This is why you can fail drug tests by eating poppy seeds.

    So yeah, it will stop your withdrawals, but you're still hooked on the same drug. If you REALLY want something to get you clean, see a doctor about suboxone.

    EDIT: I just realized how old this post was. But I'll leave my comment anyway in case someone listens to this post. Poppy tea may be a cheaper way to sustain your habit, but it will just lead you further into addiction.

    Always know what chemicals you are ingesting, and the risks involved. Just because it's legal(well, kind of; if you ingest or extract the opiates from the pod, you've broken the law), doesn't mean it's safe. The legal drugs can often be the most dangerous.
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    Default hm

    time is cure
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    [deleted - swearing]
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    Kratom also worked well. Can be cheap online, and works for the symptoms, but does not contain any opiates.
    Taper off with this and can work well.

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    I want to know this too, as I'm a blind pain patient --not that I'm averse to a little euphoria. I suffer from depression and anxiety, so I'm totally into euphoria. I still haven't run across any teaspoon measurements. I just bought poppy seeds on eBay, so I guess if no one is going to help me with answers, I will just have to experiment. Don't worry. I'll start real low, and hopefully stay there.

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