So this is interesting. I've been diagnosed with depression for 20 years now. I've always been the go cry by myself in a corner kind of depressive. 9 years ago my first child was born and along came post partum depression, manifesting as rage. I began throwing things. 3 years later with my 2nd birth, I got it again but worse. The decision was made to stop having kids figuring next time it would be full blown post partum psychosis. That was 6 years ago. I've never completely gotten rid of the rage aspect of my depression since. And over the last number of years it has been steadily changing over from cry in the corner to throw things and scream for tiny reasons. Yesterday my husband and I both (separately) questioned BPD because of how quickly and drastically my moods can shift. I will be booking an appointment with my doctor first thing Monday morning.

But here's the interesting thing. I've also had migraines for 20 years. 8 years ago, after my 1st child stopped breastfeeding, I started taking Topiramate as a migraine preventative. Started on 25mg and up to 75mg now. In all truth I haven't noticed any improvement in the frequency, duration or quality of my migraines. Finally about 3 or 4 months ago I just stopped taking them - pretty close to the time I changed from Cipralex to Wellbutrin. Since being on Wellbutrin I don't feel like sleeping the day away. I didn't even know it was a side effect of meds and just thought 4 hour naps were the strangely weird norm for me and my body. So I like the changes since Wellbutrin BUT it is barely stabilizing my mood! Hence why my husband and I both started questioning BPD...

Now I'm wondering if I've had BPD for a while but it's been kept in check by the Topiramate that I had been taking for something completely unrelated. I started taking my Topiramate again last night (something I feel comfortable doing after being on it for 8 years and only being off for 3 months). I'm hoping it helps and maybe just need to adjust the dose instead of changing meds all over again.

Anyway, thanks for listening