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POTS Syndrome- Anyone else out there?
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    Default POTS Syndrome- Anyone else out there?

    I am a 43 yr old male who was diagnosed with POTS back in 2004 at Mayo Clinic. I managed to teach and coach three sports up until two years ago. I took a seasonal job last year from Apr-Oct as director of a museum. Last summer the heat almost killed me. Anyway I managed for those years to get by with high salt, lots of liquids, and a lot of suffering in silence. The past fall my doctor finally told me I had no choice but to go on meds, Florinef, and then a beta blocker because my heart rate was going from 54 sitting to 158 standing. I am also Effexor and Klonopin. I wake up several times a night, the doc finally wanted to try a strong sleeping pill but didn't affect me at all. I feel so tired everyday that I can barely function along with a lot of stomach problems since he changed me to Effexor and put me on the beta blocker. This has been tough to deal with as I was a classic type A involved in everything. Now I have no social life, am single, and figure I will just end up alone as who wants to date anyone with this. I used to lead a very active dating life. I applied for social security disability, has anyone else out there had to resort to this? I hear almost everyone gets turned down the first time they apply. Well, it doesn't take much to really take a chunk out of all you worked for when you have to pay your own insurance with POTS as preexisting condition along with all the other bills. I am relying on unemployment at the moment to help get me by. Has anyone out there had success receiving disablity with POTS, also had unsuccessful back surgery after falling off my house a few years ago so living with chronic lower back pain along with other damage in upper back. Lastly, is there a place to meet others, or a dating site for people with chronic conditions like POTS? My self-esteem has sunk to an all time low and every day seems to be a huge struggle. Mainly venting here, but any responses I thank you for in advance.

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    Hello...I am a 45 year old female and was diagnosed with overlapping POTS syndrome and nerocardiogenic syncope after having different issues, some starting back to 1996 (these include migraines, stomach issues, chest pain) but got really bad in November...I went from doing p90x everyday to not being able to walk up a flight of stairs or walk/stand longer than 10 life has changed dramatically and not the same quality...I am married and my husband is a godsend but when he works he works long hours at a time...I also have 3 kids who are a little older but still, I feel I should be doing more...I also work full time as a teacher with a doctors note saying I cannot stand more than 10 minutes...I also feel mono-tired everyday, which is the worst...along with the daily headaches...I feel your pain and understand completely...also to answer your question of disability, I hae not done that yet but my friend did and won on the first time for fainting/seizures...I completely understand and wish you well

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