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pregnant and absolutely need to get off the subs.
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    Default pregnant and absolutely need to get off the subs.

    Hi my name is Tara I have been on subs for about six years. I've wanted to get off for some time, but like a lot of ppl on here the thought of w/d terrified me. I was on 12mg a day but I'm not on 4 mg a day and I've been on that for some time now. I am 11 wks pregnant this will be me and my husbands 4th child together. I was on the subs with our last daughter and had to battle it out with DCF. I do not want to risk my child or my child's health. I NEED TO GET OFF THEM!! I have read Roberts post on how to tapper down as well as a bunch of other forums and have found it all helpful. I read about the introduction faze to about 4 mg, but my question is seeing that I'm already at the 4 mg dose should I go down to 3 or 2 mg for four days then start tapering down. Any suggestions will help. I'm also worried about putting stress on the baby. Thanks in advance. Tara

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    First of all congratulations on your upcoming child. It's a good thing that you're really thinking about the child's health and welfare. I understand the difficulty of getting off and I understand the fear you mentioned. But in your instance it is essential that you stop it gradually. Just think about your child to motivate you. Consult your doctor and ask him if you can lessen the dosage up to 2 mg and when you can start tapering down. Just tell him about your concerns. Good luck on everything. Have a nice day.

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