Im posting this bc I recently decided to get off of subs, while pregnant, and when i made that decision it was very hard to come by information that was posted in 2017/2018 nor were there many updates on what happened afterward. Well, if anyone out there is looking for information on this topic, u might see more “DONT GET OFF WHILE PREGNANT, ITS BETTER TO WAIT UNTIL AFTER YOU GIVE BIRTH”... well thats not always true and it is possible to get off while pregnant. Although im not a doctor in any way, im just speaking on my personal decisions and experience. When i did talk to my ob doctor about this at my very first appt being worried about being on it (along with xanax and vyvanse and prozac- worried was putting it lightly) and the possible withdrawal for the baby, she never mentioned that i should stay on it during the entire pregnancy. Idk if this was due to the fact that i expressed wanting to get off or what but her advice to me was, “as long as you get off later in the 2nd trimester and before the third you shouldnt have any problems).. now when I started searching for other people who have done it id say 95% of the info i saw was “you shouldnt come off of it while pregnant.. its easier to take care of the baby if having withdrawals outside the womb rather than inside” and saw more stories of their baby being fine being born on subs, some with no withdrawal and some with withdrawals and needing the NICU... but still those 5% that posted about doing it while pregnant gave me hope. So thats what i did. Also, i did get off of all the other medications right away.

So anyways, i was about 25/26 weeks when I decided to come off of subutex. Im now 3 almost 4 weeks in of being off of it. I started taking it in march or april of 2016 at 16mgs/day. Over the next two years i tapered myself down (as my doctor was a quack and never once suggested to lower my dose) eventually at the end of it getting down to 2mgs/day and when i found out I was pregnant, trying to take the lowest possible dose, 1mg/day for about a month or two.. while also more often than not taking .5 additionally at night just to be able to sleep... the 1mg was a struggle but i knew that I wanted to get off of it before giving birth. Those few months of being on 1mg were pure hell, i was basically in a mild withdrawal everyday and the dose wouldnt last long at all.. It was in so many ways such a mental thing for me too tho... i got so used to the “routine” of taking it. Wake up, feel like s***, take my dose, be fine for a little while, start to feel like s*** again, take another little bit, go to bed, start all over again.

But after spending my days feeling so bad from being on such a low dose and not being able to sleep without it, and as my second trimester was starting to come to an end, i knew i had to get off of this horrid drug. So again, i tapered down to 1mg, set a date in my calendar to take my last dose and went from

I must add too, that i do have it pretty easy right now.. i dont work right now and my husband (bless his heart) worked from home for the first week to take care of me, which helped a lot. If you can find someone who’s supportive of you and can stay with you or vice versa and take care of you even if just for a couple days, id highly recommend that... at least for me i know i wouldnt be able to do it alone. I just dont trust myself and especially since i was being over prescribed, i knew i had some laying around in various places which wasnt good but i was serious about doing this and only wanted to do it once so i made sure to tell on myself and make sure i went thru everything beforehand and got rid of it all. I wouldnt of been able to have gotten this far if it wasnt for the help of my supportive and understanding husband.

I wont go through day by day how i felt in detail but I’ll summarize it quickly... first two days werent bad, it seemed
To progress from there, days 3 4 5 6 being the worst then coming down from
There to mostly just the annoying symptoms... for me the “annoying” symptoms (yawning, sneezing, eyes watering, runny nose, urge to stretch, leg pain, RLS...) are the ones that get to me and they did drive me crazy.. the malaise/tiredness and lack of motivation still midly linger on as do the yawns and sneezes... not anywhere from where they were even a week ago though. i also still dont sleep well (wake up every 1-2 hours, cant get more than 4-6 houRs of inconsisent sleep, used to getting about 9 hours) but not sure if that is still due to the withdrawal or the pregnancy. Tried taking Unisom but it doesnt seem to help.

I do know though that once i hit like day 10 I knew i was over the worst of it and have been getting better and better by the day. I will say tho that as the physical symptoms let up a bit around that time, the mental part of it really started to get to me... the depression, anxiety, worrying about the baby, doubting myself, doubting my decision, the cravings.. all of that... thats actually been the hardest to fight through... it just messes with my head but the longer ive held on, the more clear headed im becoming and let me tell you, it is such a great feeling. I dont regret it at all. Ive been to my dr twice now and everything is going great with the baby so that has eased my mind also.

I know im not out of the woods yet... im still struggling with the no energy or motivation pretty bad, but the depression is barely even there now. Im just really happy that i dont have to worry about my baby going through withdrawals after being born. Im also really happy that i can go back to living a normal life, not just waiting to take my
Next dose.. not feeling like an apathetic zombie just existing, that has been constipated for the last two years only being able to >>>> 1-2 times every two weeks, basically not having any joy in my life... i wouldnt call it as soul sucking as >>>>>> or pills, but its pretty close..for me it was more of a sucking the joy of life out of me type of feeling for the last pretty much year i was taking it... you dont even realize what its doing to you/how it actually does affect you until either youve been on it for so long and or you finally get off of it. I was/am just sooo done with it.

Well i hope this gives anyone else in this same position on wrestling with the idea of coming off of subutex while pregnant some hope and reassurance that it can be done. Just listen to your instincts...

Ps- i also started to take L-theanine which im not sure how much it helped in the very early stages but it definitely seems to be helping me A LOT now... i would recommend it to anyone detoxing.

Pps- these forums here have also helped me so much over the last couple months.. and i really mean incredibly helpful to me.. ive read and read and read and read and continue to read... I thought id finally contribute something that might help someone else!