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In the process of percocet withdrawal -- a ray of hope
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    Default In the process of percocet withdrawal -- a ray of hope

    Hi all,

    This is my first time posting here, but I wanted to share my story and percocet experience with you.

    I started taking 5 mg percocets about three years ago, just for recreation and way to unwind and "check out" from all the usual unpleasantries we have to deal with in life. It became easier and easier to check out than it was to be present in life and, as we all know can happen, it became a habit. Percocet for me was always about distancing myself from my life and checking out -- it was like with percocet, I could just float away from all the BS. It was GREAT.

    My daily dosage was relatively minor (if you can say that about narcotic abuse) -- about 2 10s a day max -- split up and taken in 5mg doses. Just enough for a nice blurry buzz all day, every day.

    It really, really started to bother me, however, when I slowly admitted to myself that this was a habit and I started to fear life without percocet. It had become my life -- everything else was black and white to technicolor percocet. So I started planning to taper off and quit. Due to recent inclement weather, I had to quit cold turkey because I ran out of pills before I could re-up and the weather turned bad. So, now I am detoxing cold turkey.

    And you know what? It's really not that bad -- don't get me wrong: it's no fun, but it's not as bad as I dreaded. I do have the luxury of staying home alone without a lot of distraction or responsibilities, which is a huge blessing (I honestly can't imagine trying to do this while holding down a job and taking care of a family.)

    I am on day three and I am starting to feel much, much better. In fact, after day 1, something pretty miraculous started to happen. Even as I was dealing with flu-like symptoms and physical restlessness (which, to me, has been the very worst part of withdrawal), I started to get feel this weird kind of excitement about life again. That was something I hadn't experienced in over three years in my percocet fog. Through this experience, I have realized that percocet creates euphoria, but it clouds joy, inspiration, aspiration, and creativity. I want to see friends again, exercise, get out and enjoy life, accomplish goals... I totally forgot what it was like to feel inspired, and that feeling is what is compelling me to move forward. And I'm no Pollyanna: I have had major depressive episodes my entire life -- part of the reason I was so enthralled by the distraction of percocet in the first place. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but it feels good to be on that path rather than sitting it out altogether.

    I just wanted to put this out there to let people who are in the same boat know that there's the real promise of the rewards of sobriety that come very early in the detox process. I never expected to start feeling deeply buried positive emotions while detoxing, but it's a big part of what's keeping me moving forward and something I hope will keep me from falling off the wagon in the future.

    Hope this helps people who are struggling with the decision to stop taking percocet -- there may be some strangely positive side-effects from the withdrawal process. Good luck to us all.
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    Default Wow....great post dude..

    I loved your post. Of course because it so mimics how I feel about the drug. " I have realized that percocet creates euphoria, but it clouds joy, inspiration, aspiration, and creativity." That one line says it all. Amazing.

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    I know this post is old,but there are still people going threw it every story is very similar other than my abuse was much greater.I had a 100 $ a day habbit and went threw withdraw many addictive brain learns hard.drugs like these are the devil that will call on you even months later.I am on day 7 again and hope to get it behind me forever.the worst is over in three days of missery for me and by day 5 I could function and focus again.the best thing I did was break all ties with connections.I changed my # and lost all off my hookups # s .I am confident that I won't look back this time.if you can get threw the first seven days you done the hardest part.the rest is will power.don't let your addict brain prevail.for me its like that little devil on your shoulder saying one won't hurt,when in fact one leads to ten and so on.good luck to all of you

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