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question about pot as a way to deal with w/d
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    Default question about pot as a way to deal with w/d

    okay, i am just curious about peoples opinions. Does anyone think people on this forum should actually suggest to someone who is detoxing to smoke pot, or use other drugs ( unless prescribed by a doctor)? I posted this elsewhere a couple days ago. I am not saying pot wont work. I am not necessarily against using it, i feel that is up to the person. My thing is should people on here RECOMMEND it to others who is detoxing? My opinion is no. Just curious how others think. Not about whether pot works, but if it should be suggested.

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    The reason most people say not to use pot as a detox tool is because it promotes addict behavior. It's also easier to slip up and relapse if you're not in full control of your mind. However in my opinion there is nothing wrong with smoking weed. I personally don't but it's much better and SAFER for anxiety, appetite, some types of pain and a sleep aid than prescription drugs are
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