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Restless limb.
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    Default Restless limb.

    When I am withdrawing this one gets me a lot and it is not only in my legs but arms also. I was thinking back and I remember when I was a child having to rub my legs and feet on the mattress to get relief and I still do even when not of hydrocodone. Just thought it was interesting that I may have had this as a child, maybe it comes and goes.

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    Alot of people suffer from restless leg syndrome weather from withdrawls or not it is a medical condition. Have you ever spoken to your doctor about it? There is hilands restfull leg for this condition sold at health food stores, walgreens and i think wal mart may carry it alot of people say it has helped on this forum and drinking alot of gatorade and a potassium supplement or eating alot of bananas they are rich in that. Are you still tapering off of hydro?
    It is what it is!


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    Hello. I am new to this forum and I think I finally logged in correctly. After 10 years I decided to try and get myself off heavy pain medication. It is worse than I thought but slowly making some progress. I just wanted to comment on Restless legs. I puta a tens unit on with the patches on both legs just above my knee caps for about an hour-it blocked the RLS-The miracle is when I turned the tens off my RLS was gone and I slept 5 hrs last night with no RLS! First sleep in three nights and first night without RLS in several weeks. I hope this post makes it. I need help and would appreciate any advice. I've been able to read alot of posts but so far no one has answered any of mine-either because I'm new or not being proper. Thank you and if someone will let me know if they read this please let me know-thanks

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    we're reading, Frank. You will get alot of support in this forum.....just a thought. When you log in, it says on the left, "Start a new thread" And you can have your own. As it seems that you are getting lost on here...It's easy to do when you are asking for help.


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