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Robert and Melinda
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    Default Robert and Melinda

    To all,
    Just wanted everyone to know that Robert and Melinda are doing well. Just spoke to Robert and he is working his way through some issues and will soon ram right through it. Also that their internet is down for the most part and comes on sporadically and unpredictably will just go down without warning. This has been happening for the past couple days so if anyone was wondering why they are not responding they are not ignoring you. Should you have any urgent questions or issues you can contact myself and I would be happy to help you or rely messages.
    They should be back online hopefully tomorrow, Monday 4/11/11.
    Thank You


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    still no robert? are things ok, or just internet issues?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xguntherc View Post
    still no robert? are things ok, or just internet issues?
    Not sure....think a little of both? If he's in trouble someone would let us know.

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    Hi All
    well we have had just about everything hit us from Robert having problems and INTERNET ... now he has a flu bug...
    If anyone needs anything just post to me and I will ask him...
    but I must say Henry and the rest of you are doing a great job filling in...

    thanks all, Melinda

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