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severe anxiety about flying!
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    Default severe anxiety about flying!

    hi,after a couple years of puting it off, im finally flying down to see my dad in florida, hes lived there 5 years, ive never even seen his house because im scared to death to fly.and the drive, is about 23 hours. with my medical problems, and my pain, i couldnt imagine sitting for that long. my grandma is also living down there, and doing well, but she is 92, so theres a little pressure to get down there and visit, and quit putting it off. i just made the reservations to go, but im scared.i cant seem to get past the plane trip, ive flown before, years ago, so i remember what it looks like up above the so afraid of heights.i keep telling myself there are people who fly back and forth everyday, but its not much comfort.i even just started prozac, because its that bad of a dads starting to get upset with me, because instead of acting excited to come down, im talking about ways to get out of the trip, or how i can get my money refunded. which i cant to, all i can do is postpone the date, or change the do you get past something like this, if you have severe anxiety about it? any advice?

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    Have you gone to your doctor????He can give you a mild sedative to put under your tongue and dissolve.It will only last a few hours and that is all you would need.I would definately talk to your doctor before going......Dave

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    I have flown my whole life - I grew up flying in small planes, both of my parents got their private pilots licenses and my dad has a Cessna 206 he flies on a regular basis.

    I have never had a problem being in the air until I got one bad flight (albeit a short one) and that was all it took. When I got to the ground I was swearing off the friendly skies forever. When I HAD to fly again for business I thought holy sh*t, how am I going to get on this plane and go? I sucked up my pride and went to my MD and she gave me I believe Ativan (originally, then switched to Xanax/Klonopin or a Benzo of some type, I don't remember). It became my saving grace. I was calm enough to make it through (I have to sit near a window) and realize also that I needed to surrender COMPLETE control, what happens is out of my hands! As soon as those two things sort of settled in my brain, I was much better - not completely ok, but much better about it.

    I still have anxiety today, but it is much more controlled, and I can at least get from point A to point B. I also recently flew with someone whose fears were worse than mine and it worked focusing on someone else!

    Good Luck!!

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    Default take the train

    It costs alot more but they do have small compartments with beds to lie down in or listen to the others and visit the doc for valuim, ativan, or xanex I hate to fly and haven't flown since 93, it would take alot of drugs for me to get on a plane but it stinks not going on vacations like vegas or mexico.
    good luck 3 discs

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