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spinal stenosis.severe scoliosis.
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    Default spinal stenosis.severe scoliosis.

    43yrs alot of pain.mainly having leg problems.walking is almost unbearable. Taking norco and flexiril.doesn't seem to help.if anyone has had surgery for these conditions together??I am out of options..have tried shots in knee.epidurals(4), pain refering me to surgeon.monday he asks what do you want? Morphine or methadone?? Anyone have similar diagnoses please respond back..thanks

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    Hi, I am 40yrs old and have cervical spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease. I have had both since age 29 and by age 31 I was seen by a neurologist and then by a neurosurgeon who said that surgery would not help with my pain and that my pain would be worse if I had neurosurgery. I do not have scoliosis however was in pain management and on many pain medications mostly of opiate type and have seen neurosurgeon's again since age 31 three times and each time they said the damage was too severe for surgery and that surgery would not alleviate my pain and suggested I continue with pain management and I have an understanding of living with Chronic Pain for the last 10 years.

    I was in Pain Management for 8 years and now am in Palliative Care and have taken both Morphine and Methadone, presently am on Methadone 100mg per day in three divided dosages and it is much better for the pain caused by Spinal Stenosis as told to me by my Palliative Care Doctor that Methadone has NMDA blocking which helps with nerve pain, and Morphine does not and adds NMDA which can cause pain. I also take as a Breakthrough Pain as needed medication Levorphanol tablets as needed every 8 hours and this also blocks NMDA and the combination of Methadone and Levorphanol have helped me very much and help me be more productive and my ability is much greater with this combination or medications. I believe that most likely you are in too much severe pain to be taking Norco and need something stronger like Methadone and a Breakthrough Pain medication, sorry I don't have any input about surgery but as of now it has not been an option for my case only the pain medications.

    I do hope you consider methadone while you explore your option of surgery it may make a huge difference in the level of pain in your legs and your ability to ambulate and lead to improved walking and mobility. Hope you feel better.
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