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Starting suboxone induction tomorrow can any one please help me
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    Default Starting suboxone induction tomorrow can any one please help me

    Hi I am new here.. i am going to induct on sub tomorrow.. i take a time released hydro compound and snort opana.. havnt had a hydro since friday and last opana at 4 this evening.. if any one can please give me instructions or help i would so greatly appreciate it..

    there are so many inspirational success stories here and im full of hope.. also full of fear and anxiety.. feel such loss at what ive let my life become.. i so badly want to get clean.. i have 62 8mg subs..

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    Oh gosh--I can't believe you haven't received any responses! There is a man named Robert on here who guides people through induction. It's VERY important to get with him and do it his way, if it's not too late. Well, I guess it's never too late. Usually docs start people out on high doses and it isn't necessary. Is that what happened with you? Or are you already hooked up with Robert?? I skimmed through your post so fast that maybe I missed that! Just want to make sure you don't get into a pickled like so many on here and end up addicted to suboxone!!

    I think you can look for "Robert's taper" or something like that. I'm new, so I haven't gone there yet. If you can't find it I'll find someone who knows. Write me and let me know what's going on with you !

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