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Stupid combinations left me gasping for air
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    Default Stupid combinations left me gasping for air

    Recently, I have not done a lot of any particular drug, other than marijuana, but many uses of different drugs. In combination with the lexapro (I think thats why) I am taking, yesterday, February 10, was hell.

    Drug use in the last month:

    - 3-4 shrooms uses (throughout month, last use was saturday, february 5)
    - 1 mephedrone use (a full month ago)
    - 1 acid use (couple weeks ago)
    - 4 suboxone uses (only 2 mg each time, two last week, two this week, last use was night of february 9)
    - Few xanax bars (uses 3-4 weeks ago)
    - Marijuana (daily)
    - Alcohol: 6-7 times in the last month, most recently Saturday, February 5.
    - Lexapro (daily)

    Now for yesterday's story:

    I woke up still feeling the suboxone a little bit. Went through the day feeling great and in the evening went to smoke with some friends. Immediately after taking a few hits, I felt like my heart and breathing were both irregular. After a while, I needed to go outside. Once outside, I felt like the two sides of my brain were fighting for control over one another. My heartbeat seemed irregular, beating fast then slow, fast then slow. The worst was my breathing. I was gasping for air at times. Every couple minutes, it would get better for a few seconds, but then it would come back, like it was attacking. I had to keep myself calm for a couple reasons: I honestly felt I would go crazy after this, either because I thought I was going to die or because the chemistry of my brain was just permanently messed up, I could not breathe and had to concentrate to take in deep breaths. My left side of my body was all in pain, and especially the chest/lungs. After about 30 minutes, and drinking some water (dont know if that helped), I began to feel better, and finally it went away. Ironically, the time immediately after this ordeal was one of the most euphoric feelings I've ever had. I was so happy that I seemingly walked away unscathed from being sure something drastic was happening.

    While I have hints of what may have happened, with so many substances affecting the chemistry of my brain, I cannot explain the whole process. I never took into account that sporadically using different drugs rather than consistently using one or two may be very bad as well because of the combinations. I have decided to curb everything but the marijuana and maybe alcohol, but I really want to know what was going on with my body yesterday.

    Does anybody know what may have happened?

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    Hi that has happen to me.. I use to smoke pot on a daily basis, I didn't do anyother drugs at all.. Then one day my friend an I smoked some good pot... 15 min later my heart was racing, I felt like I couldn't control my mind, I was sweating and shakeing and gasping for air.. I really though I was dieing or worse, that I was completely losing my mind.. It went away after about an hour but I was still very scard and wondering what had just happened to me.. Well the next day I smoked some pot again and was struck with the same symptoms... I guess the pot was causing me to have panic attacks.... Needless to say I had to quit somking pot. It was weired, just one day, out of the blue, pot was no longer something I could use.. I knew that pot made some people parinoid but I didn't think Id ever become one of them.. Im not sure if this is what happend to you, just telling my story.. Good Luck... Linda

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