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    Default where?

    i never heard of an addictionologist. What are they and what do they do? I really just want my life back. I know that addiction is a monster of a disease and i know that i have it. I do have a suboxone docter but i still tend to have a hard time getting away from the bad. Its like in me. I know that i won't get high but i still use opiods on the seboxone. Thank you for your response. It just feels good knowing that someone understands what your going through. Happy holidays

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    Default Help!!!

    I just started subox. about 3 days ago ,coming off methadone for 3 years, my 1st dose of suboxone put me into that precipitated withdrawal , death would have been better than that 2 days in the hospital!.
    I just don`t feel fixed on this suboxone , it is just short of feeling fixed(normal or okay) I feel miserable all the time!!
    DOES IT GET BETTER????????????????????????????????????????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimboflies View Post
    I just started subox. about 3 days ago ,coming off methadone for 3 years, my 1st dose of suboxone put me into that precipitated withdrawal , death would have been better than that 2 days in the hospital!.
    I just don`t feel fixed on this suboxone , it is just short of feeling fixed(normal or okay) I feel miserable all the time!!
    DOES IT GET BETTER????????????????????????????????????????????
    Since you're on suboxone, arent you feeling much better on it, than if you were to quit methadone cold turkey?

    I think not feeling "fixed" on it is actually a good thing. As long as the suboxone is keeping you away from withdrawal and allowing you to sleep.

    But of course, you're not going to feel like you did on methadone, remind yourself that you are not trading one addiction for another, you're taking a stepping stone down to sobriety.

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    Unhappy I just found out and I am so scared

    Today I just found out I was pregnant and I have been on suboxins for a year and a half. What should I do I am so happy I am pregnant but what could or can happen?? I am so scared

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    I don't know anything about it but I heard there are doc's who I guess specialize working with women who are pregnant so I know of a couple around here that are in the same position. So it must be fairly are not alone in this.....ask around maybe some treatment centers can give you some advice just by calling----you will be OK but don't wait--
    Nothing surprises me

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    Default Ummm...

    Let me say first off, for all I know if you do a taper over the course of many months, coming off Suboxone may be as easy as my doctor tried to paint it out as being! But I wouldn't know because I got my insurance cut and cannot afford to stay on the damn things... $600 a month is a little much to pay for medicine when you're making about $1,000 a month...

    This has been my experience. I had been an on/off drug abuser (as many of us are) for many years. Finally, I started injecting Oxycontin and moved on to >>>>>>. Eventually my friend died and that snapped me into reality. I was in a pretty good position to go forward in my life and decided "now is as good a time as any" and moved off Oxy onto the Suboxone.

    It worked really well. In fact for the first two weeks I was on it I could "feel" it. That's because my doctor put me on 24 *$%#&*ING MILLIGRAMS! Apparently that is WAYYYYYYY more than all you guys are taking. Seems to me that most people are taking betweek 2mg and 12mg, not 24mg. Anyway, I stayed on that dose for about a year and a half... finally I tapered down 8mgs by myself.

    The first 6mgs? Not too bad. I mean, it did kick my ass enough that I didn't want to even try to taper again for 6 months. Next taper I did was 2mgs... I found myself very psychologically touchy and very uneasy. It was still really rough; the 2mgs were almost as hard as the first 6mgs!

    Then I waited a month and took the bold step to move down 8 more mgs since I couldn't afford it. BAD IDEA. IF YOU CAN MANAGE TO NOT DO THIS, DON'T DO IT! I came totally unraveled... I was pretty much psychotic and wanted to kill myself all the time. It wasn't from the withdrawal... it was more like my brain chemistry. I felt like I had no control over my thoughts and my head was filled with depressing thoughts 24/7. It almost destroyed everything I had going on and took about 10-14 days to really start to get some balance. It really took a toll on my body and my life...

    Well... I was still on the 8mgs once I got that taper done and wanted off that asap. I just wanted to be back to my "normal" self, with no opiates of any kind, so that in a few months I could be back to being happy with life. I was trying to figure out how to get around the psychological aspects of it (so I could continue to work etc) and it seemed like most of the message boards I was reading were saying (and bare in mind I'm not talking about this forum as far as I know) "Get back on some sort of opiate, like Hydro or something and then ease your way down"... I saw this a LOT of places and it started to sound like the "run of the mill" way to handle it...

    Well then I got in a really bad car accident and thought "This is my ticket out of here. They will prescribe me some stuff, I have no tolerance anymore, I'll just take what the doc gives me and be off it in 10 days or so! Amazing timing..."

    Way way way wrong assessment. I would have taken a constant supply of 15+ Vicodin 5/500's minimum just to maintain my head. Instead I find myself, now almost 2.5 weeks later, trying to do "maintenance" (which isn't, honestly, something I want to be doing) because I ran out a while ago and I am having trouble finding the time to just go home and kick. I work Saturdays and have tried to start kicking on Friday so that I MIGHT be kind of ok by Tuesday and it doesn't work. I need more time than that. Point is, I may have been able to distance myself from the psychological fall out from the Suboxone but now I've basically ended up with a habit again all because I hoped that I could rapidly get off this stuff.

    Bottom line... take time to taper. It is psychologically tough for some, maybe not for everyone; I found it to be pure hell. I don't recommend this "take drugs to get off sub" thing I've read on so many of the boards. DO NOT TAKE SUB FOR MORE THAN A FEW MONTHS IF YOU CAN HELP IT. Everyone I have talked to said it ends up being as hard as Methadone when you do that... and I think I would have to agree with that. I mean think about it, yeah you can't really feel it but do you want an opiate in your brain for that long (if you ever intend to get off it)? I was on it for 2 years, I wish I had been on it for 2 months.

    Anything that is a "magic bullet" like this has to be somewhat suspect. I mean think about it... you went from having to take drugs how often? To putting stuff under you tongue and being straight all day? I know how it has the ability to get you out of that hell (and quickly) but I would not recommend it as a long term therapy unless you intend to never get off it. This drug has only been around 7 years and was only approved for "long term" use recently (within the last two years I think). We're all canaries in the coal mine on this one. I know that it can get you out of 'junkie hell' quickly but at what cost?

    I'm not totally knocking it... It helped me a lot initally. I've probably just gone about it the wrong way recently... but think about what you are doing because you don't want to risk your health and sanity by trying to save your health and sanity... and as much as I don't jive with the whole NA mindset, you're probably better off doing this for a month or two and then finding some consistent psych treatment or a counselor or something. You don't want something like this in your body for a long time. Just because you feel great right now, on it, does NOT mean you're gonna feel great down the line off it. Please take care of yourselves and hopefully some of you will take SOMETHING from what I've said here...

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    I can't believe how alike our stories are. I googled a couple of lines about my suboxone roxy habit, and your post came up. I would really really really like to talk to you. I am 32 from LI NY James. Where you were in your life when you wrote this is exactly where I am rt now. djjamesd3@aol .com. please email me

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    I sure hear you................. I am doing my duty and weaning off. I do have to say it was a life saver for me. I am lucky that I have had some clean time in the last 51 yrs.. Not much, but some. I am looking forward to just being regular and not depending on anything. I do think it is a mircle drug but only for short term use. I am gonna be less then 8 to 9 weeks. Its that damn Meth and Oxy's that kill you. Well all of it was kilig me but the extened release and Meth just gets in my bones.

    ty for your post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anrob11 View Post
    Hi PQ

    How are you doing [?]. I know you are alive and kicking because I've been following your posts mainly on the Painkillers and Addiction Forum, but you never answered my response to your questions (10/25) posting.

    Me [?] Hanging in now at 27 days - biggest problem is still the overall feeling of tiredness and weakness that I can't seem to shake unless I stay active. However, once I stop, I start nodding and dozing off for anywhere from 15min. to 3 to 4 hours. Don't know if I should attribute this to my Neuropathy, the Suboxone, or maybe my age. Anyway, things are good and I would like to hear from you direct.

    God Bless ... Tony [8D]

    To Be A Rock And Not To Roll
    I have that exact same problem... I have been on suboxone for 2-3 weeks now and I seem to always be tired. I too nod off all the time now when I'm working, when i'm driving, while just sitting. HELP!

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    I was taking 600mg of Oxycontin a day, 2 80mg and 1 40mg 3 times a day along with 6 30mg Morphine IR. I just went on Suboxone. I have had no withdrawal but have a pain level of 7, bad headache and stomach ache. I am taking 32mg of Sub a day and miss the OC and Morphine badly. I never got a *high* of the OC and Morphine but had very little pain and no side effects.
    I am going to give Sub another week before going back to real pain meds. Sub is great if you are addicted to opioids and don't need them for pain. Also its a good way to lower your tolerance.
    I say, give Sub a try for a few weeks. Some people love it. Some people find it better than OC or Morphine. In the end its up to you to figure out what will work best but its definitely worth trying it out.

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    From what I know about Subs, they are not supposed to be used for pain control. Why exactly are you on them. Are you abusing your pain meds, the morphine and OC's? You seem to be on a high dose of pain meds. Is that what your doc prescribed? I am just curious.

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    Cool Subuxone for Chronic Pain

    I have a serious atuo-immune disorder which unfortunately causes severe abdominal pain and joint pain. I have been on 4 x 100MG ER or Morphine daily with 15Mg IR Morphine for break through pain for more than 3 years.

    I have tried to make sure that I see a Pain Specalist at least once a year to ensure that 1) The treatment I am currently taking is the best one and 2) To evaluate any new treatments which might be more efficient. Last month I made my annual trip to the pain specalist, but this year my general doctor asked to I go to a different pain clinic. As such my new pain specalist requested that I go through Hospitalized Detox for 5 to 6 days and then switch to Subuxone.

    The pain specalist ensures me that Subuxone is a much better alternative to Morphine for Chronic Pain Management.

    Earlier this week when I went in to fill my Morphine RX, my pharmacist laughed at me when I told him I was switching to Subuxone for Chronic Pain relief. When I asked him what the deal was, he told me Subuxone is worthless for pain relief and olny works to facilitate withdrawl from Narcotics. Ultimately he said, that my doctor must think I am addicted.

    The nexted day I called two more pharmacies about Subuxone, both informed me that they do not fill orders for Subuxone. I called the local hospital and asked about Subuxone at which point I was informed that not only would they not see me any longer for pain issues, but that I should get a second opinion as Subuxone prevents the use of any narcotic pain medications for break through pain.

    I called my pain specalist and informed him of the issues I had and then setup an appointment for today to discuss them.

    Upon meeting with him today, I was informed that he has had fantastic success with Subuxone for Chronic Pain management; however, the treatment of break through pain would be an issue and that finding an ER to treat me would be an issue. He also explained that I would need to have my Subuxone RX filled at the hospital Pharmacy.He also explained that I will have to travel 50 + miles to Seattle in order to be seen in the ER as they would need to set up prior authorization for treatment with the hospital doing the treatment and detox.

    I have to say, I am not happy that some serious issues were not discussed first hand and I am still concerned by the answers and solutions given.

    I have also read several posts where Subuxone patients have openly discussed the "High" or "Euphoria" they receive when taking Subuxone. I have been very cautious through the years to ensure I do not receive a high from the pain medication I am on. Currently I take a high dose of Morphine, but that dose is enough just to make the pain bearable, not enough to make me feel like a drugged up maniac. When I asked my doctor about this, he assured me that none of the addicts under his care have discussed this "Euphoric affect". I had to think to myself, yea, right, would a drug addict tell his doctor that he was getting high off his replacement treatment drug?

    I have notice over the years, that no one, takes pain management seriously. I have seen 5 pain specialists, several of which have told me, "Pain does not kill, but narcotics do." I even had one tell me it would be ok for me to stop cold turkey and go from 400MG of Morphine each day to 0 MG. At the time I had no idea...24 hours later I was in the hospital hooked up to a Morphine drip. I spent the next 6 days recovering. My primary care physician was not happy to say the least. Needless to say I switch pain specalists.

    I suffer from the worst pain immaginable. Even with the Morphine, I throw up, curl up in a ball, pass out. I thought it was something else, maybe even withdrawls. So they hooked up a machine to deaden the nerves in my abdomin. No pain. It was fantastic. The vomitting stopped. The machine used electrical impulses to shut off the nerves. I was even told that they could kill the nerves in my abdomin permenantly, something I honestly thought about doing, but the specalist handeling the treatment of my disease advised against it. Appairently the risks associated with my disease and internal bleeding is quitehigh and with the nurves permanently shut off, I would not know if I had severe internal bleeding until it was too late.

    The point is the pain. So many of us, just want to get rid of the pain. I could care less how they do it, I just want relief from the pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnoughPercs View Post
    Hey Dave;

    Thanks for thinking of me.

    To date, I'm mostly clean. Mostly means taking Suboxone daily. It's good stuff. I feel like it gives me what I need, but no high to all those thinking about the switch.

    Switching to Suboxone is a great move for your future, but not a good search for euphoria.

    I definately found it easier quiting with sub; I barely saw any withdrawl & felt GREAT 40 minutes after my worst withdrawl started & I took my first dose.

    Basically, I was with my fiance several weeks ago on a Saturday night when I was about 18 hours percocet free & needed to wait to the morning to take the sub (I wanted to wait a full 25 hours before my first dose. Fact is: The more pain you're in when you take your first dose, the better it feels & is).
    The next morning, I was a wreck. I woke up many times during the night but finally woke with her at 9 AM.


    By 11:15, I took my first half pill (4 mg) & by 12 PM, we were eating Brunch at a fancy resturaunt in the park. What a trip!


    Anyways, I'm several weeks on & keeping strong. Another great thing about it is that you can't screw up! What I mean by that is that if you fall into your desire to slip up & eat a perc or whatever, you won't feel it! I tried it once for the fun of it. Seriously, didn't even feel like a Tylenol! This is b/c of the Nalaxone in it.

    It's a perfect system.

    Anyways, I gotta hit the sack. It's 3 AM & I got work in 5 hours.

    Have a good night everyone; I'll check in again as soon as I can.

    I leave you all with my best wishes & prayers.

    Remember: You CAN Do it. It's your head that says you can't!
    I just hope that there's no long term possible issues, being that it's a new drug & all.
    I've read your story on the Percocet hell you've been through. I know its been years since you've posted but our stories are so similar I just hope you reach out with your status today.

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