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Suboxone for Pain...what to expect
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    Default Suboxone for Pain...what to expect

    Hi All, a Newbie. Without giving a med history I have tried everything for pain...Methadone, Patches, Perc and Morphine etc. These would work but the sad part is they Worsen by breathing issues. After neck surgery I needed a cpap. Any pain meds especially ExRelease...shut my breathing down rather sharply. Dr said to try Sub.....
    Is it a decent pain Med? Any effects with breathing.
    Should I taper the Oxy and Percs before starting the Sub.
    I take 1 20mgOxy a day and 4-6 percs.
    I have a Sleep Study and MRI in a few days and hate to be any some type of withdrawals when testing.
    I seem to be wimpy and have withdrawals and mental issues quite easily on med changes.
    Sorry to throw so much at you.
    Thank you M&M

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    Buprenorphene (suboxone,subutex) has been used in Europe for years as a pain killer.It is supposed to have 40 times the pain killing strength of morphine.It has a very long half life and can be taken once a day for some people.
    For pain managment, you're probably going to have to play around with how much and how often.
    Buprenorphene has an extremely high affinity to the opiate receptors in the body so once your on it other opiates like morphine won't work.
    Also because of the slow onset of buprenorphene there is no euphoric rush or buzz !! So you need to be careful that you don't make the mistake of taking more because you can't feel it working.
    All in all buprenorphene has not been used much for chronic pain but that's only because it isn't a well known drug.
    If you had breathing issues with methadone then buprenorphene might have the same effect as the two drugs work much the same way.Good luck to you......Dave

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    its normal to be concerned about withdrawl symptoms, but hang in there bud! you'll get through it!

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