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Suboxone withdrawal was not that bad. No RLS. Currently Day 12
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    Default Suboxone withdrawal was not that bad. No RLS. Currently Day 12

    I thought that I would finally post to the forum to share with you all my suboxone experience, and thank robert_325 for his service to this community. I have benefited from his advice.

    Over 4 months I went from 24mg of Subs to .25 mg. I have been off subs for 12 days now and I'm doing ok.

    24 > 16 > 12 > 10 > 8 mg. At 8mg I started following robert_325's plan and cut whatever my current dose was by 25% every 4-5 days (usually every 4 days). I went down to .25 mg and stayed there for 2-3 weeks, per the advice of my sponsor. This was critical looking back because the residual half life from the larger/previous doses took time to tail out.

    I took my last dose and then waited for all hell to break loose… It never happened… Seriously, the physical withdrawal from dropping my dose 25% was worse than my physical withdrawal from stopping. Probably because I was so ready to be off this >>>>e, and I slowly started getting that "fresh wind" or original-self, each day clean. A huge part was the recovery work I put in around 1-2 months prior to quitting subs (see below). The benefit of the fresh wind out weighed any discomfort. I had a bit of anxiety at AA meetings on days 4-6, and I did take off work for 3 days. Surprisingly, I did not have RLS this time. I chaired/spoke at a CA meeting (cocaine anon) during my 6th day of withdrawals, and it went great. It was a very healing experience. This was not my first time on subs. I went to rehab in Jan 2013, and I had been on subs for one month prior to rehab. At rehab, they gave me subs for 6 days, and I had RLS on days 4-7 off subs pretty bad.

    This time it did not happen but I loaded myself up on support meds. Here is the list of support meds I took.

    Kratom 5 grams/day (essential)
    Clonidine .1mg 3/day (essential)
    Vistiril 25mg 2/day
    Tizanidine (safe muscle relaxer for my back pain) 3/day
    Immodium AD 4/day
    Vitamin B complex 2/day
    Magneium & Zinc Vitamin 3/day
    Potasium Vitamin Pill 1/day
    Tylenol PM 2/night
    Valarian 5/night
    Melatonin 2/night
    Restful Legs 1-2/night
    Leg Cramps (same MFG as restful legs) 1/night.
    Protien Powder shake every day.
    Juicing (80% veg 20% fruit)

    I played soccer 1-2/week while on subs and I went to the gym a 3-4 x/week until I got to about 1 mg. Going from 1 mg to .25 mg was the hardest and I did not go to the gym at all (still played soccer).

    Recovery & Bio: 2 months prior to quitting I started going to AA meetings again and met my new sponsor who also had a prescription drug problem and used suboxone to get clean. He had told me after tapering to .25mg, staying at that dose for 2-3 weeks, and then quitting all together, that he did not have withdrawals. I did not believe him. He told me I could start my sobriety date while taking subs as long as I wasn't abusing it. So I set a new sobriety date and followed robert's plan strictly coupled with my sponsors advice.

    I started working the steps and by the time I quit I got to Step 8. A miracle happened to me while working step 4, and I discovered that I really was sick and have had a life long struggle (disease) with drugs & alcohol. I was a black-tar and cocaine addict from ages 17-20, and got clean in a Christian drug program (teen challenge) for 7 months; however, we never talked about drugs, only God (God is good!! but I needed recovery too). I stopped using street drugs at this point. ended up dry for a year and then drank my way through college & post-college (weekend binge drinker), dried out for a year, got married, started drinking again, had kids, hurt my back, started taking narcs, stims for ADHD, anti-depressants, benzos, etc over the past 4 years. Im 36 now. Somehow I managed to perform well at work (Pharma industry ironically), probably because of the stims, but my marriage fell apart. I had back and brain surgery in 2012 and went to rehab after to get of the pills. A few months out of rehab I had a minor bleed in my brain, got back on meds, abused meds, wife separated from me in Aug, and then had brain surgery a month later in Sept (2013). 2013 was hell for me, and I had a lot of resentments against my wife and other people close to me. I would argue that I needed to be on meds, but after 4 years of use/abuse, they knew I wasn't myself. I secretly abused/snorted all of the above. Bottom line, is that through AA/NA I have been able to take a step back from the pain of the last few years, look at my part, and realize that I have a disease that goes back to age 15 when I had my first drink, and maybe back to age 6, when I was picking up cigs off the ground and smoking them by myself. :-! Life makes sense now and I know that I need to stay close to those like myself (addicts), my higher power (Jesus/God), and work the steps. I learned that going dry (not in recovery) in my 20s was so hard because I was so embarrassed about my drug addiction as a kid. Nobody my age at college really understood so I never talked about it. I now talk about it with my crew in AA/NA and they are just like me. Thats the best part of it, not being alone in this sick mind of mine, but recovering together with others. It took a good sponsor to show me how to do that. This was the difference between going to meetings and really getting it. A good sponsor. Physcologists didn't do much for me.

    The 2 good things about subs:
    1. they gave me time to unwind from the drug seeking behavior.
    2. I quit prozac, stimulants, and seroquil (for sleep) the day I started taking subs and had very minor withdrawals off those psych meds. I don't take any psych meds anymore. This is a personal choice of mine and everyone is different.

    If anyone has doubts about recovery, I would like to suggest reading the chapter "step 4" out of the 12 & 12 (Book titled 12 steps & Twelve Traditions). I helped me to understand that instincts on a rampage really caused a lot of problems in my life. This is just one pearl of many that I have gotten out of AA/NA in the last 3 months (3-4 meetings/week). Another good thing was that I am drug tested as part of my custody case, so it keeps me focused and I thank God that I am being tested. I even offered to have a hair test, and I am going to get that done sometime this week. I am not worried about it.

    Anyways. Good luck and this was my experience, strength and hope. There are a lot of stories out there about horrrible withdrawal (which was the case my first time off subs), but I believe that doing a lot of work upfront can really help a great deal.
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    Great job Guy...
    I have 10 days off after a Robert Taper and I still have a lack of energy, but I am an old man. Watch out for the Kratom. I took about 5 grams after 2 days of no subs and felt perfect. Im not counting those days because I know first hand that Kratom use can get out of control just like the opiates. Especially the extracts. I have had to use subs to kick a nasty Kratom habit. Not trying to bring you down but just telling you my experience, strength and hope. If I take Kratom, I know now I will be off and running.

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    I think sub wd is different for everyone. I tapered down to just crumbs before jumping, but it still hit hard around the end of day three. My worst symptom has been RLS. I will say though that gabapebtin has been a life saver. My addiction started because of bad back pain so when I went to subs my dr loaded me up with gabapebtin for pain every month.
    It only helps in high doses 1200-2000 mg. I'd go from feeling like complete hell to completely functional within an hour.
    My first three days were only slightly >>>>ty.
    Day 4 was completely horrible until I took the gabapebtin.
    Day 5 I felt like death...the gabapebtin helped a lot but still felt the dragging exhaustion and heavy body. Got 2 hours of sleep.
    Day 6 Seemed to be the worse early throughout the day...was exhausted. Felt like >>>> in every way. Gabs helped a lot but didn't want to take them as much as I would have needed to in order to feel better.
    Day 7/today: This morning I was shocked I woke up after 6 hours of sleep. I didn't feel as horrible today. Don't get me wrong, I'm still feeling it but I'm finally seeing the light.
    The gabapebtin not only helped with the wd symptoms but it also made me eat....a lot which isn't common during wd. I think that is part of what's helping me feel better this early on...that and a ton of water and vitamins.
    Anyone out there who feels it's not possible to live a life without just have to get through it..push as hard as you can and stay strong.
    I'll update later or 8!!

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    I am on two mill am and two mill pm and was thinking about kratom not sure if it's the way to go yet but wanted to get to below .50 before I started if it at all

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