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subutex withdrawals
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    Default subutex withdrawals

    Ok im posting this because I could not find much info on my situation
    But I went from methadone to subutex about 3 months ago and I decided that I was done I still had a months script left I was on 6mg a day and just stopped made it 9 days which sucked i Had no energy at all plus no sleep and on the 9th day I broke and Took 2mg which was to much I was too high well 4 days later I did it again and 4 more finally I told my gf to flush what ever I had left
    So my question is every time I take some does it start me over?

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    YES, taking as much as you did each time will start the process again because the sub is so strong, and the half life is so long. The better way to get off, which usually produces the least amount of symptoms would have been to taper as low as you possibly could go. Somewhere in the .25mg range.

    You basically jumped at 2mg which is a large amount of sub based on the strength of this drug. If there is any way you could obtain a few more subs and taper the dose down it would benefit you greatly.

    Half life is how long it takes half the drug to leave your system. Subs have a long half life between 24-72 hours depending on several factors. The mean half life is around 37 hours.

    If you can hang on and fight through the symptoms things will get better given some time. It's not easy, but you can do it. Let us know how you're doing. I would personally try my best to get some subs and taper lower. I've been on methadone, switched to subs, and tapered off them. I'm now clean several months and doing quite well.

    Keep posting. You might want to copy and begin a new thread in the Suboxone section of this forum. You will receive more replies there than here. Good luck!
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