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    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post here and I wanted to take the opportunity to ask you really important question. What do you all think of nutritional supplements? Specifically as a replacement for prescriptions for the long-term. I have been studying both presciption medication and nutritional supplements for quite a few years now. Honestly I can see NO reason why anyone would ever want to go on a prescription for disease prevention or a chronic condition when there are so many options in the natural world.

    It seem so to me that the serious risks and side effects of using, say, a statin drug or ACE inhibitor are so much higher than using a supplement which can work just as well if not better. In addition, most supplements get to SOURCE of the problem causing the high cholesterol or blood pressure and even provide helpful side benefits.

    Do you think the reason people aren't using natural options is because they believe they don't work? Is it just the doctors are unaware of the benefits?

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    Interesting post...

    I have a chronic condition for which there is no cure...that said, my naturopath has also agreed that she cannot CURE my RA, but should be able to help with other factors in my life that might contribute to increasing my daily pain - specifically she sent me for lab tests for food allergies to start, added 3 supplement - A multivitamin with extra minerals in it, a bioinflammatory plus supplement ( for obvious reasons) and an activated form of B6 as 2 of my meds were probably depleting my B6 thus increasing the neuropathy th at I have.

    I also have trouble falling and staying asleep - she gave me Calms Forte - one of those babies knocks me out!! Love it!!

    And there ARE reasons why people use western medicine for their chronic conditions...Naturopath told me to continue what the rheumatologist is giving me, but we'll work on adding more supplements as needed

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