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The Thomas Recipe - For Opiate Withdrawal Treatment
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    I know this thread is probably old but I just now found it I hope that’s okay, a little back story, I have been prescribed tramadol for over 3 years probably close to 400 mg a day, one 50mg pill every couple of hours until a few hours away from bedtime. I had to have my tramadol bottle with me wherever I went because the second it started wearing off I’d immediately feel like >>>>. Recently my dr told me she wasn’t calling in anymore refills for me and when she told me this I had just gotten my bottle filled I get 120 of these a month, always ran out early because my body is so used to them, it took a lot for them to actually work for me but I still loved taking them they helped my pain and gave me a lot of energy, I could actually be myself and actually function daily when I had them, now I have a half one left because I was taking my normal doses up until I started to run short, then I kind of cut down the last few days, yesterday I think I took 1 (50 mg) as soon as I woke up around 9 am, I usually took 2 (100mg) first thing every morning around 7 am- 8am, and then 1(50mg) every couple hours when I felt like the previous dose was wearing off, so last night before bed, (I had already had a feeling I wasn’t going to sleep well with not having my normal dose, after having only taking 1 tramadol around 9 am I felt fine nearly all day, had to use the bathroom 3 times (which isn’t normal for me) tramadol always stopped me up, and a slight belly ache but that was it, til bedtime.... I took my usual medicine at night to help me sleep which is a benedryl and some zyquil, I was tired so started drifting off to sleep then all of a sudden my worst nightmare, restless leg started, I also have a prescription for gabapentin so I took a half one, and as soon as it kicked in I was out and slept like a baby until about 8 am today (I’m usually up between 7 and 8 everyday during the week to get my kids to school, I woke up didn’t take any tramadol at all, felt just fine all day, around 7 pm ish, I took a half tramadol ( I have one half left now) and still feel fine I didn’t even feel the tramadol kick in like I normally do (usually when I take the first dose in the morning when I first wake up I’m tired, no motivation to do anything, until it kicked in then I felt like a normal happy person that could get >>>> done). Any other time I ran out of this horrible medicine early I was miserable, no energy, cold sweats, restless leg at night, can’t eat, can’t stay out of the bathroom, upset stomach, just wanted to lay around the usual withdrawal symptoms even if I only took one that day I was still miserable because I didn’t take my normal doses. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping since only taking one yesterday and feeling fine besides restless leg last night (which was immediately gone the second the gabapentin kicked in) and not taking any tramadol at all today until I took the half around 7pm and feeling just fine all day that the withdrawal won’t be as bad this time as it was the others because I felt like I was dying, so here’s what I’ve done that might be working to give others an idea because being completely honest tramadol withdrawals I’ve heard are the worst withdrawals you can have (I’ve never been addicted to anything else), the withdrawals from this devilish drug is a nightmare and 100% brutal so if what I’m doing is what is helping me will help others then I am all for that because I know how it feels to go through it and it sucks horribly. So what I’ve done is since Saturday I have been taking vyvanse when I woke up and then the tramadol and cut down on the tramadol each day, since last night was my first night with any withdrawal symptoms (just the restless leg) last night before bed I took 1 benedryl, and about 20 mg of zyquil (its kind of like NyQuil just it’s specifically for helping you sleep instead of helping with colds or the flu, then when the restless leg started I took a half gabapentin and around 10 am yesterday took the vyvanse which by the way gave me a ton of energy and I wasn’t all down and out from not having my normal doses of tramadol, so after taking the gabapentin I slept like a baby, woke up this morning feeling good took a vyvanse immediately got up, started laundry and was still able to get stuff done, still had energy (that’s expected with vyvanse), no withdrawal symptoms at all, took the half of tramadol around 7 pm, around 10 pm I took a benedryl and 20 mg of zyquil, and a half of gabapentin and I’m starting to feel tired of course but other than that I feel great! If the vyvanse in the morning, benedryl, zyquil, and gabapentin about an hour before bed is what is making this so easy for me then hopefully it will work for someone else so they don’t have to go through the tramadol withdrawal hell. If you’ve never heard of vyvanse or never taken it, it is an ADHD/ADD medicine that calms you down if you have those, but if you don’t have either of those it has the opposite effect, so it’s best to take it as early in the morning as possible because it WILL make you have a ton of energy and sleeping isn’t an option unless you pretty much knock yourself out to go to sleep early, the first time I took it a couple years ago I was up for almost two days straight feeling like I could run a marathon. Sorry this is so long and again I hope it’s okay that I posted on here but I hope what I’ve been doing keeps me feeling just fine and hope it works for others too

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    This is a very old thread that remains active because somewhere deep within is the list of items on the Thomas Recipe that those who are detoxing might try. Periodically, a new post appears and that new member hasn't yet figured out the best way to use this Forum, like creating their own thread to keep their activity organized.

    So. Question one is who's Dave? I scrolled down several posts and didn't see anyone named Dave. If it's further down than just a few posts, I probably missed it but that means it's an old post and Dave isn't likely to see your response to him. I wish I knew which post you were talking about though because I wonder what he said that has you so outraged.

    I might add, if I may, why on Earth does it make Dave stupid and opinionated because he gave some advice that wasn't his first hand? Just because we don't experience something first hand doesn't make us ignorant about what might be effective. There are some members on this Forum who still read and post even though they have years of clean time behind them. By reading and communicating, we naturally learn things that we haven't necessarily experienced ourselves. Jumping to the conclusion that Dave is stupid and opinionated is stupid and opinionated. Am I automatically pro gun control because I don't know how to shoot one? AND Dave is opinionated? How odd.


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