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Tramadol for depression
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    Tramadol is basically a synthetic opiod with SSRi/SNRI (antidepressant, the very same mechanism of action as Lexapro, Effexor, Paxil etc.), it only changes the way you feel pain, makes you happier about it and doesn't really "block" the pain.

    Works awesome as an SSRI, but be wary when combining tramadol with other medications. You can risk seizures, serotonin syndrome, panic episodes etc. if you aren't too careful.

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    Anonymous Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by rxinfonbs View Post
    Tramadol is a synthetic opiate with seratonin and norepenephrine reuptake blocking properties (kind of like the SSRIs). However, because it is an opiate and thus has a high abuse potential, it is not perscribed to treat depression. For me, however, it works wonders for my depression, and I do not respond to the SSRI antidepressants (the zolofts, paxils, and Lexapro's). If you do a search on the web or on google scholar (, you'll see that Tramadol has been found in various tests to have significant antidepressant properties.

    The established medical community is very anti opiate when it comes to depression or mood issues. Why? Well, goes back to some laws that were passed (Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914 and more) that helped make opiates unattainable. IN the 1800's they were unregulated and in many other country's and cultures were socially acceptable, more so than alcohol. But doctors today are taught that people will always fall victim to addiction if they take an opiate, that they won't be able to regulate there intake and will become junkies and abusers. Wrong. I use this medication responsibly. If I took a bunch would I get high? Yeah. But I know better. Im mature enough to know the consequences.

    Opiates aren't bad. They are underused for for mood & depression. The potential for abuse makes the medical establishment scared to perscribe them for anything but pain, but Tramadol is so effective for some people's depression that it really should be looked into. The addiction model that the medical establishment abides by does not apply to every individual.

    Sorry I know I rambled a bit on about this but I thought I would share all my thoughts with you about this drug, one that has been very helpful to me in helping me meaintain a highly functional, quality life...uncrippled by the depression I was so used to for years. - NBS

    Read this article... About a woman who had zero success with traditional antidepressants but found an opiate to be effective..Her struggle/journey is quite interesting.
    VERY INTERESTING. My addictions def stem from depression so this intrigues me. I have tried many anti depressants and the see effects are horrendous. I wonder what the psychologist I see next week thinks about it as an antidepressant. She said I def could use medication to help me through the journey I have gone. I use to be against meds and just tried to naturally find my centre with yoga and mediation but its not enough right now. I work in a day treatment classroom with children with severe trauma, attachment disorder and ADHD on top of learning disabilities. We in no way think meds are the only answer, but we find it very difficult to give necessary emotional and academic treatment to a client that can not sit still and stay focused enough to hear us out. So if I need medication to help me through this time, so be it. One day at a time, and it may make all the difference. Thanks for posting.
    P.S I didn't see the link to the article you mentioned above

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    Sometimes we need medications for a certain length of time. Seeing how you are doing yoga and meditation and have made changes in your life to work with your emotions, it may be the right time to come off the pill you depend on. Sometimes we need the medication to help chemically balance us but if you feel strong enough to do without them then it may be time to test your wings and fly. Just makes sure you are being monitored by someone closely while doing so. Ive tried several antidepressants and coming off some of them are just as bad if not worse than opiates. Ive never heard of tramdol so this is very interesting to me. Im currently researching anti depressants now because I know I can not get back the life i know I was living and the physiologist thinks that its probably what Im going to need to get through this rough patch. Im not crazy about taking them but I'm also not willing to suffer everyday with the guilt that I can't seem to feel happy for "no good reason". So Ill take the help and continue my yoga and meditation practice too. Good luck and thanks for sharing
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    Default Noradrenaline defficiency

    Hey Steve, I know you posted this ages ago... just wanted to know how you got on staying on Tramadol for depression. Did you ever find out anything more about treating the noradrenaline deficiency at all? I'm looking for a natural and permanent cure for my recurring depression. Which is back again, but I am finding 50mg of tramadol is helping. But ideally want to treat the noradrenaline deficiency if that's the root of the problem.

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    Hello I found this thread after a Google search and thought I'd put in my tuppence worth incase it is of help to any of you. I read a lot of posts but not all ( It is a very long thread) so I apologise if anything I say has been said before.
    I was on Tramadol/ Maxitram slow release for a couple of years for back pain. I stopped them and some other dugs I was on. I did not realise the anti depressant / anxiety effect until I stopped them. I have been plagued by compulsive thoughts and depression. I have been in an abusive marriage for forty years and theses thoughts of all that happened just kept playing in my mind in a Loup. I just couldn't go on like this and didn't know where to turn. I remembered that I had felt peaceful on the Tramadol so I decided to try one. I took 50mgs. And within the hour it was like everything drained away and I was free. Not high just peaceful. I did a little googling and found this thread. I have decided to stay on them. Now remember it is the slow release ones I have. For pain I took them twice a day. I decided to take one. I reduced the dose to 25mgs. This is quite easily done as the slow release form is In capsules and instead of powder it is tiny little balls. Easy to take only half the amount. I have found this perfectly adequate. I can't tell you how great I feel and so relieved. I really was at the end of my rope. I see that research is being done into this particular side effect of Tramadol. I get it on prescription only. It seems recently that Doctors here are not prescribing the ordinary 50mg tablets because of drug abuse . I find the slow release perfect.
    Hope this helps some of you

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    Hi ive also had the same relief for my depression/anxiety from tramadol. I came across it by accident like I think most people have done. I couldn't believe how the tramadol worked for me for my mood. I continued to take them for a month but at the same time I had asked my doc if it was ok. she told me it was fine but just to check with her in a month and let her know I was doing she has now prescribed them to me for my depression. I take 100mg in the morning imj just hoping that im not going to get used to the 100mg and need to increase . I don't know why tramadol is not prescribed for depression im beyond baffled as by doing my research there are so many people who feel great with these tabs.

    good luck everyone hope it works for you

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    I started taking Tramadol for a restless leg syndrome type of problem but it kept me up at night. So I started taking it earlier to see if it would have the same effect even if I took it earlier. Not only did it have the same effect for the restless leg problem, but it didn't keep me up at night and I noticed a great deal more energy, mood turnaround and more focus in accomplishing tasks. I take only 100mg once daily in the morning. Since I discovered this effect, I was able to discontinue taking 200mg of caffeine in the afternoon to keep me going. I wouldn't say I had depression but people would comment that I could be moody at times. It has been life transforming for me as well. Since I have been taking it, my motivation for studying and helping people has increased tremendously. So Steve, your not the only one that has recognized its benefits. I'm glad its working as well for you as it is with me. Tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by trillian71 View Post
    I didn't assume it would be approved. In fact, I said perhaps not many people get good results at low doses like I did and maybe it isnt approved for that very reason (see end of my post).

    Tramadol isn't an opiate. It is an opioid.

    For me it works. I can only share about myself. I know what addiction is like and tramadol is not something I abuse or am inclined to abuse. That is just me. Now, if many people get a high and keep increasing doses, I can see a serious issue with it for them.

    TL;DR version: Tramadol stopped working. I quit. Maybe Prozac helps with withdrawal. ??


    My doctor added Lexapro 10mg for depression when the Tramadol lost it's mojo (late 2013?). I dont believe it did anything but there were no side effects so I took it.
    I went up to taking 3 Tramadol 50mg per day last summer - it just wasnt working like before. Taking more or taking breaks did nothing though.

    Fall of 2015 I had chronic fatigue (about 2 days a week) so they upped the lexapro to 20mg. Whoa!...I thought my head was turning inside out!!! It was the start of serotonin syndrome for sure.

    So I quit most of it the next day. I got a script right away for Prozac 10mg that I took for a week to lessen the "dizzy" withdrawals. I took half pill of Tramadol at night in case of restless leg.
    After a week, I was on nothing at all!

    I didnt notice anything remarkable about stopping the Tramadol. Not any of the agony others describe. Then again, 2 or 3 50mg pills a day is a fairly low dose.

    It's too bad the science just isnt there to say exactly WHY or WHAT is happening in the brain when it goes into a "funk" for no apparent reason. My issue could have been a variety of things with complex interactions: neurotransmitter precursors, transporters, receptors, reuptake, etc... Maybe I was down-regulated by my alcohol use in the past, or my synapse voltage was off. Perhaps it all stems from lack of an enzyme I need for brain function. Genetics? Nutrition? Just a part of modern normal life?
    Who knows? Scientists don't know. Not yet, anyway.

    I am sad it stopped working but I forget how depressed I was before and should appreciate how much better I am today!!!

    P.S. Take or eat your Calcium and Vit D! Your brain wont function without them!

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    Hi iv registered but don't know how to post hope this is OK I take 1 tramadol a night for back ache but I find I get head aches n iv suffered with depression for years do i need to take more to help me? I can cope with my cyatica in the day hope this is OK x

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    Hi iv suffered with depression for years iv been giving tramadol n only take one at night to help with pain of my cyatica but I get head aches I manage with my pain in the day do u think I need to take more to help me ?

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    I'm from Germany...
    I started taking Tramadol (Retard-12h) for my coccyx-pain. I needed 2 x 200mg to fully cover the pain - when sitting.
    My situation in life is very difficult and I certainly had/have depressions. Taking Tramadol my mood changed completely. I was in good mood, talkative, energetic - and was even smarter. But taking T. as prescribed - taking 200mg for the night - I was sleepless.
    After a few month the psychic effect good lost. As I had lost more than 50% of my thick hair I started taking morphin for a few days. I good very depressed, crying all the time.
    I stopped the intake and good my first withdrawal symptoms. 2 weeks like the strongest flue in my life. And I good extremely hungry too.

    This first intake was 2 years ago. My hair has never grown back. That's sad. The loss was better after 6 weeks and stopped after 3 month...

    To feel better was incredible for me. So I took Tramadol again. But now I'm experimenting more. Tolerance builds up fast, so I vary the dose. And it might help to avoid tolerance not taking it during the night.

    I asked myself if T. changes the brain somehow and causes even more severe depression not taking it...
    But once I was on holiday and stopped taking it arriving (I need T. for the flight (sitting-coccyx). I taper it of. Every day a bit less. 50mg might be the biggest step. But I might take tiny steps at the end: 25mg, 12,5mg.

    I changed the label because of the hairloss. But as I don't take 200mg x 2 a day anymore I don't know if I'd lose hair with all labels.

    I tried 2-3 antidepressants. But only a few days - as I good very sleepy (and couldn't "afford" that).

    2 days ago I took 75mg in the morning with a good effect - after a break. The next day I took 100mg - with no effect...
    Not taking anything for the night the morning dose seems to need more time to take effect - I think sometimes. Because the psychic hole I'm in might be deeper.
    So I took 25mg this night - asking myself if - when waking up - was less depressed...

    As you see I'm still experimenting. And I don't want to get bold...

    The longer my break the better the effect.

    At the moment I want to find out if there's still an effect taking up to 100mg in the morning and 25mg during the night... And how frequent I need breaks to avoid tolerance.

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    Default passive aggressive

    Saying god bless after putting someone down is seriously passive aggressive. did you miss the part where she has breast cancer, kids and is a military spouse? That's just mean. Stop responding if you can't say anything helpful. AND telling anyone to take a "chill pill" on a drug board is not helpful.

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    Default Tramadol for depression

    [QUOTE=Steve53;66440]I am new to this forum posting so hope I am doing ok, pressing the right buttons.

    It's true. When I visited Europe the first time I was urinating blood, passing a stone? It was painful. They gave me tramadol. It's off-label use has been to treat depression. In all the posts I've read here, there's an obvious correlation between depression and pain- who likes to be nagged and sleep deprived and pretend to be in a good mood for the sake of others?

    So, I just want to point out that the evil of two lessers would be the opiate route rather than the SSRI's. However, tramadol is under the opiate class BUT what makes it different is that it's not a NARCOTIC. But in either case, there are a whole salad bowl of side effects and complications from SSRI's, which are actually being treated as separate diseases rather than side effects and this is "buffering" the disease by hiding burying it under so many side effects that the several specialists you will need down the road won't be able to tell what's wrong with you. I'd keep it simple. I used to take SSRI's and an MAOI and these are insidious. Weight gain, water retention, elevated blood sugar (see Remeron -mitazepine), hypertension, the list goes on, as well as all the drugs they will give you later to "buffer" the sides.

    Narcotics basically take 3 days MAX to get over the worst hump. Methadone, takes a lot longer. The less synthetic you remain the easier it is to titrate off. SSRI's, on the other hand, cause uncontrollable tremors, pain, neurological problems and they're really hard to get off of. Friends on Abilify, have tried to no avail. They were better off with opiates.

    Recap: Opiates are better- less withdrawal time, less side effects while taking it. SSRI and others for depression: Very difficult to get off of, a plethora of sides and a requirement to be put through a never ending mill of drugs to "stay happy."

    That's my two cents.

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    Default From Germany - Hair loss - Depression - Pain

    It's a very interesting thread...
    I'm taking Tramadol for its antidepressant properties too.

    I might be depressive since I was born. I've never taken medication. Later I had an accident and suffered strong chronic pain.
    My life became very difficult and anyone would have become depressed. I wasn't aware of having depressions as I thought that this state was a normal reaction to my difficult life. And it might be true. But does life makes sense feeling that bad all the time?

    Anyway - my GP prescribed Tramadol for my pain and this changed my life!

    I took 150-200mg (time released of course) twice a day - to cover the pain... But soon I suffered severe hair loss. 3 month after taking the last tablet it stopped.
    But the hair has never grown back unfortunately. The Tramadol has damages the roots as it seems.

    Anyway - I couldn't forget how much it helped me psychically and I restarted taking it. But not for the pain. (My pain is chronic - but not in the sense that it's always there - it depends on my activities etc.).

    Here what I discovered / found out:

    Tramadol helps me already at a very low dose of 25mg - but 50mg are better. And depending on the problems I have to solve I take more. But I try to take as little as possible.
    It enhances my mood, my activity, less caving for sugar, less appetite. Taking it I feel normal, I can have feelings of love (plants, my cat etc.).

    The tablet is time released (12h), but dividing it into pieces this is damaged a bit.
    I take T. only in the morning - early afternoon: I can't sleep at night if I take it later.
    It helps less if I take it every day. I try to vary the dose and take breaks.

    I'm very interested in science, so I google Tramadol. There is a metabolite with a half-life of more than 12h - I think 18 hours.
    So taking Tramadol every 12h would lead to an accumulation. This could be the reason why I lost so much hair taking it (as the GP to me to) exactly every 12hrs.

    If you google Tramadol and osteoporosis you might find some information after a while. One should - esp. as a woman - take some calcium and/or vitamine D...

    Being on holiday I took a break of several days - (eventually taking less very slowly e.g.: 100 - 50 - 25mg). It worked well. But being at home I can get extremely depressed not taking it for a few days. I wouldn't consider me being addicted. I could stop taking it - and did it when I had that horrible hair loss... But my life doesn't make sense to me anymore feeling so depressed, lying in bed all the time - now, knowing that a tiny bit of a tablet can change this within 2-5 hrs...

    Tramadol is neuro-toxic. It might be worth it to google that too. This knowledge helps me to stay at minimum doses and take my breaks...

    I tried Tilidine once - it doesn't have this effect on my mood.
    I tried Morphine - directly after taking Tramadol. It made me extremely sleepy - and I cried in deep depression.

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