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Transitional questions from Methadone To Suboxone.......
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    Question Transitional questions from Methadone To Suboxone.......

    Transition from Methadone To Suboxone

    Hi everyone!

    I have used this community forum in the past to either seek out advice or to share my experience with treating my opiate addiction with Suboxone.

    Today, I come needing some information from those who have switched from Methadone to Suboxone and any advice you may have for the following situation:

    A friend of mine has been treating his >>>>>> addiction with Methadone for approximately 3 years. He has tapered down to 30mg per day. He had done quite well on the Methadone and has not used since being placed on it.

    Without boring you with the entire very looooong story regarding what has led him to the need to switch to Suboxone, let me just simplify it by telling you that financially he can no longer afford treatment, nor can he handle the stress of being switched to a plan where he would have to go a new clinic daily for his dosage rather than receive the week supply he has been getting until now. His place of employment has changed medical insurance and his Methadone is no longer covered and their plan of action is much different than it once was.

    Now, if any of this sounds strange or like I am being lied to, please understand that I am getting this information 3rd hand. So any fishy type scenario can definitely be contributed to my lack of knowledge with >>>>>>, Methadone, treatment, etc.

    He is considering switching to Suboxone because the drug itself is covered thru his Rx plan. Plus the convenience of having a month supply up front will be helpful to him timewise.

    He has called my significant other today, knowing that I had treated my opiate addiction with Suboxone. Evidently he had a bunch of questions for me. Some of those questions could be answered easily, others however could not be since I never switched from Methadone to Suboxone.

    Being of no experience regarding the above, I come to you with the following questions:
    (and I do understand that you are only sharing your experiences and well-thought advice. I promise to explain to him that his best decision would be to go to a Sub doctor himself with all of his questions and concerns. However, at this point, he is only trying to do a bit of preliminary research before seeking medical advice.

    1) How long would he have to be completely off of Methadone in order to switch to Sub’s successfully?

    2) Does the mg of Methadone he is on reflect the amount of Suboxone he would have to start with?

    3) At what dosage (approximately) would he start at?

    4) Any success stories to share?

    5) Any points or information that you feel I should/could share with my friend in order to make this transition easiest?

    6) Anyone feel that this not a good idea?

    Any and all input you may have will be greatly appreciated.
    I shall remain grateful for Suboxone...........

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    Default Hi Janice

    1. It usually takes about three days off the methadone prior to inducting on the subs. Patient can use the COWS worksheet to make sure they are evaluating their w/d symptoms properly. Needs to score at least a 26 accumulatively.

    2. Once the patient is down to 30mg of methadone, then does the three days and scores a 26 as mentioned above their induction should be like everyone else's. That is why we do this process, to keep them with a workable induction.

    3. Can't answer that specifically. We are all different. I did a post and had it stickied permanently for suboxone. It has the induction, the taper, everything pretty much in it. Check it out, it will answer this question. There is also a link in the INDUCTION section for the COWS worksheet.

    4,5,6 ... sub should work fine in this situation. I've worked with several people switching from methadone successfully. You know if you have any questions you can ask and I can handle most of them. God bless.
    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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