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Trying to help my husband get through his addiction...
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    Default Trying to help my husband get through his addiction...

    We are a young couple, im 23, hes 24. I met him 4 years ago. He had just gotten out of rehab a few months prior to meeting him. I fell in love instantly, knew relapse was a risk, but I took it anyway. He had been clean up until 8 months ago. We moved out of state, to an area where drugs were a bit easier to obtain. I didn't take notice at first, but once I did he was already back on the same path. His drug of choice is opiates, Vicodin specifically. He snorts them.

    Well I am trying to be by his side. Its been hard. Hes stole from me, lied to me, Ive had drug dealers come to my house to collect money. Its been bad. He overdosed about 3 weeks ago. He had passed out in the front seat of his buddys car, who insisted he didn't do any drugs. I dragged him from the car only to find his breathing to be irregular & pupils unresponsive. I tried to wake him but he wouldn't even respond. He began aspirating, & his pulse & breathing stopped. I had called 911 & did CPR until the ambulance arrived. They had to bring him back & thankfully succeeded. They said I was the only thing that kept him alive that night. They did however say there was some heart & brain damage. His troponin levels were elevated indicating his heart was damaged... That was it for me, for us. So I used all the money I had to move him back to where we were originally from. He has family & a support system here. So far its better. But, hes still managed to get high. Im 36 weeks pregnant & we had a labor scare a few nights ago, he was high as a kite the whole time. Afterwards he decided he wanted to change, seeing as the arrival of our daughter is now a real possibility. Right now hes withdrawing. & pretty bad. Runny nose, sleeplessness, lots of vomiting, food aversion as well as water aversion, sweating, the whole 9 yards. Im here to support him through this but Im not sure what to do for him right now. & Im feeling pretty useless at the moment. We want to ask our family dr about what can be done. But maybe someone here can maybe give me some ideas of what I can do for him so we can beat this together. I knows hes ready. Hes doing everything in his power to avoid the temptation. Hes told me to confiscate his phone & to just be there, which I have been. Any advice?

    Should also add that he has been prescribed Klonopin, I monitor them though & he takes 1mg before bed to help him sleep.

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy and on your husband's realization to withdraw from his addiction. I think what you have been through and how you handled it is very admirable. You've stick to him through thick and thin and now he finally realizes to change.

    I'm not sure about the Klonopin though, I think that medicine is used for treating epilepsy and I'm not sure if it can be use for addiction withdrawal. But since it's doctor prescribe then maybe he has a good reason for it.

    I had a friend who also went what your husband is going through he finds that counseling and exercise proves to be a great help in distracting himself and avoiding temptation. Maybe you should try it with him. Goodluck to you and your husband, I wish him the best and I'll pray for his speedy recovery.

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