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Update on Recovery
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    Default Update on Recovery

    Hey,its been awhile,since the last time. I jus thought i would drop in and tell everybody how i am doing,maybe help anybody who needs help.

    I was on suboxon 8 mg for 3 years.couldnt go 2 hours without feeling bone fatigued(spell check). But one day me and my wife decided it was time to quit feeling that way. So we waited till our last one was gone and we said enough. Cold turkey .

    It was hell,Restless legs,restless arms,sweaty body,sneezeing,tired,sleepiness, wife wwas sick every morning till mid day.I never did get sick at my stomach

    I think it was around 30 something days till i was actually started getting theese happy moments,but there was quickly gone as quick as they came. But that was a great sign and motivation.

    soon i didnt even realize i was going through was so much better.the only time i would think about suboxone is when i was bragging on how i am free from it.i never thought i would be happy without it,but i am alot happier without it.

    i stop date was 11-14-10 thats 82 days.The only downfall is im gaining weight like a m-efer . im 6'1 and i weighed 142 and now after the withdrawl symptoms stoped which is like 40 days i am up to 176 .My stomach has got a freakin pooch.

    i needed the weight defint and i am happy,but i hope i dont gain quick then i work it off..

    but anyways sorry for the long post.and i thank this board for all the support i got from it and i was able to pass it on to my wife..

    oh and another bad thing is,but i can definit fight the urge off..I think about pot alot..nothing else,jus pot..I dont want to get the feeling it gives me,but i want to smoke it..aint that weird
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    Hi Pistol
    I'm very happy for you..There is nothing better that breaking the chains of addiction.
    Thank you so much for the update. !!!
    you know it gives everyone else here hope that they will prevail one day too !!!
    talk to you later, Melinda

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    Congrats Pistol ! I remember reading your posts, I was kicking the suboxone too the same time except I made it 9 days then went back to pills, more pills, and eventually >>>>>>. Now it is 5 days with no opiates and I feel almost no w/d symptoms. That suboxone is tuff sh*t to get off of but I am very happy for you!
    btw- my old name used to be axeman incase you don't recognize the new name. I could not get singed back in so made a new account a few days ago when I starting kicking again..

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    Default Congratulations!

    Pistol, that is absolutely wonderful to hear! I'm 5 weeks myself and the last week has been pretty good. I do feel normal and I'm sure more happiness will come in time. I can so relate to gaining weight. I've gained a little bit and was in the best shape of my life prior to withdrawals. I plan to get back into the gym within the next week. I think when quiting something, no matter what, you tend to gain weight. I love food now, anything and everything. It sorta scared me at first but I'm sure everyone deals with this ya know lol? Who knows, everyone is so unique. I'd rather gain a few pounds then still be on the sub crutch. Good luck to your future and I wish you the best.


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